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Here you will find resources you could possibly use to create mission activities both crew station specific or whole group

Argument Wars is an online game that lets players argue landmark Supreme Court cases. By finding and using the strongest support, students recreate historic legal cases while evaluating arguments and distinguishing between valid and invalid reasoning. Argument Wars brings gaming to the social studies classroom and lets students have fun while they learn about landmark cases and hone fundamental skills that are critical to success in meeting Common Core standards.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the significance and outcomes of landmark Supreme Court cases

  • Evaluate and respond to counter arguments

  • Recognize and apply the concepts of judicial review and legal precedent

  • Evaluate the logic of reasons for a position on an issue

  • Examine the role the United States Supreme Court has played in defining a constitutional right to privacy, affirming equal rights, and upholding the rule of law

Create engineering tasks for your groups or individual crew members or teams.  We currently have a classroom set of seats but can expand it more if there is the need.  Learn about the basics of minecraft and imagine and create challenges for the crew as they disembark on a planet to engineer!

Problem Solving. Innovation.

Built on top of the hit indie game Kerbal Space Programdeveloped by Squad, KerbalEdu unleashes student creativity with an iterative design approach to learning from mistakes. A perfect fit for physics and math curriculums in higher levels. Can also be used for any age group to demonstrate physics concepts and motivate students to engineer creative solutions through experimentation.

Tools for Teaching.

In addition to all the fun and engagaging gameplay in Kerbal Space Program, KerbalEdu includes multiple tools for easier data gathering and integration with other school topics. With these tools you can visualize the forces affecting your vessel, see energy conservation laws in action, and create mathematical functions to demonstrate various physical laws.

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