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Journey through the incredible Amazon Rainforest in this interactive eco-tour of the world’s most famous jungle river. You will explore a lush environment teeming with unique Amazon wildlife, while using the camera on your eco-tablet to capture the most captivating encounters to relive afterwards.


Highlights include:

Parachute down to your campsite, taking in breathtaking views of the Amazon Rainforest canopy from thousands of feet above.

Under dense forest growth, surrounded by inquisitive jungle creatures, you will build a fire to stay warm as rain pours from the sky and day transitions to night. 



Navigate a boat down an Amazonian river and take a moment to feed the piranha and sneak glimpses of panthers, gators and the elusive pink Amazon dolphins.

Control a paraglider over awe-inspiring cataracts formed by centuries of erosion from some of the tallest waterfalls in the world.

Experience the Amazon Rainforest up close and personal in the comfort of your virtual reality headset. You will learn facts about more than a dozen animal species living on the land, flying in the air and swimming in the water. Just don’t forget to bring your mosquito repellent!


During your mission, you will have a research guide on hand to help you conduct your research in an organized way, along with your own screen recording of your adventure. Once your mission is complete, you will analyze your findings and draw conclusions based upon the evidence.  

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By working as a member of a research team, your objective is to photograph and investigate key animals of the amazon rainforest

During your virtual reality experience, you will practice systems thinking by Analyzing animals of the amazon rainforest and how they fit into food chains and a food web of the complex Amazon rainforest ecosystem.

Key areas you will experience and learn about include ecosystem dynamics, trophic levels, food webs, food chains, predator prey relationships, trophic level transfer efficiency. and amazon zoology and sustainability.


  • Practice zoology data collection on various species and organize that data using virtual field tools and a computer spreadsheets.

  • Define 'food chain' and 'trophic level'

  • Create an Amazon rainforest food web

  • Explain the relationship between primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers

  • Determine trophic level transfer efficiency in a food chain


      • Who are some of the apex predators (animals that are not preyed upon by other animals) in the Amazon rainforest biome?

      • What are some characteristics of some important animals living in the Amazon rainforest

      • How are tertiary consumers dependent on the environmental conditions of primary and secondary consumers?

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