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This page is a repository of the rubrics we create and use for assessment for both individual student performance activities and whole class performaces activities.  Grade level teachers organize the development of mission activities to cover each of the crew stations and create subject specific group activites for their personal classes. Group activities should be designed to include activites before, during and after the mission. The during mission activities will been done inside the simulator; each grade level teacher should contribute 1 simulator group activity, with the time frame aiming for 15 minutes to do the activity.  However, if it is desired to have longer time to complete an activity, then the activity can be started in the simulator and completed as homework overnight before coming back to the simulator the next day granted it is possible for students to complete it at home away from the simlulator.  Each mission comes with a Teachers Packet that has some lessons and resources to help get you started.

These standards are universal for all missions in the Simulator:



Distinguish among facts, reasoned judgment based on research findings, and speculation in a text.


Here are the Standards for Career readiness that are easily experienced in the Simulator.


These are in the speaking and listening skills for grade 5 (but the other grades are very similar)


Examples of some nice writing units teachers have made at other schools include: the kids have to fill out job applications, write each other letters of recommendation, fan fiction, "Dream Weaver Challenge" (they write out ideas for potential missions, write newspaper/press release articles about their mission and write ships log entries.

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