Pandemic Board Game

In the upcoming Pandemic mission, CIC fall semester 2016, the crew of the Infinity Knights will be working crew stations duties and implementing your medical expertise learned at Starfleet Academy in the role of medics. Additionally, you and your fellow medics will be playing the most amazing board game, Pandemic. In this cooperative game, where all players are working together to win the game, your challenge is to develop cures for 4 diseases before they become a pandemic. If too may outbreaks occur, or one of the diseases has spread too much, or you run out of action cards, then your team looses. You must develop the 4 cures before this happens by working together, using critical think

Hospital Challenge Game for Pandemic Mission

During the Pandemic Mission, you and 3 of your friends will form a hospital team and compete against other teams to see who can be most successful evaluating hospital patients. You will need your critical thinking skills to succeed and other teams will present you with patients having various diseases. It will be your job to correctly diagnose and manage the patients' health. Can you lead your team your team to victory? You can download the game rules here: Hospital Challenge Rules Manual

3rd Grade Escapes from The Crypt!!!

The mysteries of The Crypt from the game The Room 2 were unravelled within the 15minute time limit by the amazing 3rd grade crew from Mrs. Isberg's class. An amazing accomplishment considering some crews in the Secondary School were not able to get out of the puzzle in time. Congratulations to the school's youngest crew coming up huge with the power of intellect and keen intelligence at problem solving under pressure!!!!

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