Student Reflections on the World Peace Game

“To begin with, from playing the game I learned how to strategically think, how to be a leader, the power of communication, and how to make connections to real-world problems. To start, you learn how to strategize. For example, it teaches you how to plan in order for your actions to reach success. It is a game that requires a high level of intelligence now that it is very complex. You should plan action beforehand and strategize with your team in order to be successful. This game definitely turns a part of your brain that isn't frequently used, which is creative intelligence in my point of view. To continue, leadership is also taught during the game. If there is no one in command, then every

WPG Expansion Packs

During Christmas break, Mr. Lichtenwalter created 2 new expansion pack games for the World Peace Game, Earth Accord and Million to Mars. Both new versions of the game added additional layers of complexity involving trade, cybersecurity, mining, and stock market investments, In the case of Million to Mars, students must also deal with the challenges of terraforming mars environment to make it hospitable for human life.

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