Planet Konix, a Federation ally, has lost contact with their stranded spy ship, the Datalist, somewhere inside the Orion Pirates' gravitic minebox surrounding their homeworld, Kunnog. With engines damaged beyond repair, the Datalist is running out of time. Though the ship is hidden from sensors using its stealth system as they wait in hopes for a rescue, at any moment a passing pirate ship might see them out their viewscreen and discover them. With the Datalist hidden from ship sensors, the Infinity Knights are called upon to rescue the Datalist's crew and destroy the Datalist so that its advanced technology does not fall into pirate hands. For this, the Infinity Knights will need to work w

New Mission: Solar System Defense

The fate of the Solar System is in the hands of the valiant Infinity Knights as they set off on a mission to discover who or what is jamming all planet to planet communications within the Solar System. With directions from Starfleet High Council to head to the last known communication, a distress call coming from Mercury, the crew has orders to visit each planet and assess the situations there, and if possible, put an end to the problem.

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