Step !: From the Campfire to the Holodeck: How Place Matters in Education- David Thornburg

In the fall of 2013, this is the book that set the wheels in motion by taking the concept of the holodeck from Star Trek and creating learning spaces that engage students in open ended questioning and collaborative problem solving by being immersive, interactive, interdisciplinary, innovative, and interesting. 

Step 2: Games Learning Society 

With the ideas of David Thornburgs book in mind we set off to create our own immersive learning space.  In the summer of 2014 CIC teacher Todd Lichtenwalter attended the GLS 10 conference in Madison Wisconsin where he attended the workshop of Gary 

Gardiner of Dream Flight Adventures.  Their software would greatly accellerate the process and now forms the core of the simulator experience.

Step 3: Learning Space Design

Blue prints for the interior space were completed early 2015. The intention from the outset was to create a space that allowed for a flexible immersive learning space.  All furniture was built having wheels. Ethernet ports, hardware purchases, and initial wiring connections for audio, media, lighting, and communications were done so as to allow for future integration of new technologies and tools. 

Step 4: Building Construction

Construction began in mid April 2015.  Working with a construction company and our in house carpentry experts, the building and furniture was custom dsigned. As sound effects play an important role in creating the fantasy of being in other worlds, a site was selected on campus that would afford for the sound levels coming from the building to not disturbe other classrooms.

Step 5: Hardware Installation:

Over the course of the summer in 2015 work was done to assemble the complex wiring and installation of hardware and costum built furniture.

Step 6: Testing and Initial Launch

A period of 1 month was given to adjust and test systems for correcto operation before the first classes participated..

Step 7: Teacher Collaboration for Customizing Curriculum

Each subject teacher in grades 3-12 contribute content to the missions that that directly addresses their classroom curriculum and standards

Colegio Internacional de Carabobo Education Immersion Center