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The original Contaminant mission has been rewritten and extended. It still includes the investigation of the river but that is now only one of several objectives in the mission.  You can read below for details. 




The Krump Empire has overtaken the energy supply in the Beruna star system by capturing and shutting down the Jumuiya Fusion Power Station.  Having eliminated the main source of shared cheap and clean renewable energy in the star system, the other societies are now currently under the thumb of the Krump Empire for their energy needs and must buy the Krump Empire’s fossil fuels of coal, methane gas, and petroleum.  Given that the Krump Empire controls the planets that are the only sources of fossil fuels in the system, they effectively have a complete monopoly on energy.  

This bad turn of events is in contrast to the earlier times when the various societies overcame tribal differences to collectively build the Jumuiya Fusion Power Station. During those times, energy was essentially free from the sun and clean for everyone.  But CEO and President Mr. Krump had other plans, and with the rise of the Krump Empire, he hatched his plan to assume control by sending out delegates to the various planets preaching a message of fear, suspicion, bigotry, and racist rhetoric.  Fomenting the populations of the various societies, the trust and cooperation between the various societies in the star system began to erode. The resulting vacuum of interplanetary communication allowed the Krump Empire to forcibly take control of the energy supply in the star system and enrich themselves as the sole suppliers of energy. It was the age-old tactic of dividing the people in order to gain riches and power 

But all hope is not lost, recently an Ekzosi deep space explorer ship sent a sub-space message pleading for help.  The distress call was received by the Aztlan at Star Base 11 in the Crab Nebula and subsequently relayed to the Federation of Planets headquarters. As a result, it was decided by Star fleet brass to send the Infinity Knights to turn the tide and restore peace and harmony to the star system by defeating the Krump Empire.  But this mission is very complex and will require diplomacy, strategic thinking, and complex problem solving.  




The resolution to this crisis involves several requirements:


(1) First of all, the Ekzosi and Adui can only be united to defeat the Krump Empire if the missing Ekzosi princess and the missing Adui prince can be found and safely brought to Aduin to be married, thus assuring a Rebellion Alliance between these two civilizations.  Foreseeing this possibility of an alliance through marriage, the Krumps kidnapped both the prince and princess.   


(2) But before that can happen, the Infinity Knights will need to save the planet Aduin. This planet was flooded by melting polar ice-caps due to the extensive burning of fossil fuels they were forced to use when the Krump Empire took over.  Now all that remains is one mountain range, all else is covered in water. In order to save this planet and restore its ecological balance, the Infinity Knights must regrow the vegetation, thereby beginning the process of removing the excess carbon out of the atmosphere.  


(3) A third challenge is that the food supply for the Adui is falling off fast as of late.  The Adui had to flee their planet when it flooded and currently live in a space station and cargo tugs ships in orbit around their planet. They are awaiting help so they can return to the planet surface.  Under these conditions, they cannot produce enough food to feed themselves and must rely on the Msaidizi people who reside on the nearby planet Mto to supply them with fish to eat.  The problem is that the rivers that produce the fish are seeing a dramatic drop-off in fish populations and thus they can not supply the Adui with an adequate amount of food. The infinity Knights must investigate this problem on planet Mto and try to remedy the situation by scientifically investigating the water quality of the river and any potential causes for the problem.


(4) Another challenge is that general Xoxi of the Ekzosi is insisting that the Infinity Knights bring her a magical scepter, known as the Scepter of Attack, that can supply her armada of ships with unlimited ammunition. This scepter is located on a planet of natives called the Mtisui.  


(5) The Mtisui are only offering the magical scepter if they can get assistance in helping to regrow their rainforest that was cut down by the Krump Empire. The Empire has been extracting resources off this forest planet for some time now and the Mtisui way of life is in danger.  If the Infinity Knights can go to Mtisui and reforest the damaged land, the Mtisui will offer the magic Scepter of Attack that the Ekzosi general is insisting she needs before she would consider launching an attack on the Krump Empire.


(6) The sixth puzzle piece is that the ships of the Ekzosi are not designed to run on fossil fuels, they need the power from the Jumuiya Fusion Power Station.  As such, the Infinity Knights will need to get the assistance of the Adui to wage a surprise attack on the Krump Guard ships surrounding the Jumuiya Fusion Power Station.  This can be accomplished only after first re-establishing the Adui food supply from planet Mzsaidizi.  Hungry soldiers can’t fight well, once they are fed with fish meals they will be willing to assist in the recapturing of the Jumuiya Fusion Power Station. 


(7) To compound the Ekzosi’s problems further, the result of being forced to use the Krump Empires fossils fuels has caused climate change that has decimated their wheat crops.  Their civilization’s survival depends on this crop and without it there is no chance of rebelling against the Krump Empire. Hence, the Ekzosi need to the Infinity Knights help in establishing a new source of wheat production.  Fortunately, there is a potential site located on the nearby abandoned planet Asili.  On this world's surface, there are the remains of a former civilization, but the problem is that the atmosphere is too toxic for humanoids to stay there for extended periods of time.  Thus, the solution to the problem is for the Infinity Knights to design an automated harvesting system using robots that will need to be programmed to set up the wheat production.  


(8) The Enye on planet Enye Kui have intercepted a Krump Spy Network communication and have learned that Princess Mafalma is being held captive in Krump Tower.  However, Krump Tower is surrounded by too many battleships and the only way to get passed them is to be covert.  The Enye suggest the Infinity Knights investigate the ancient pyramids of planet Manuvo where rumor has it a magical orb is hidden there that can turn a ship invisible for extended periods of time.  For the Enye, this is the only possible way to sneak past the Empire's massive armada and rescue the princess.


(9) Unfortunately, the location of the Adui Prince Dalfo is still unkown….he must be found and taken to Aduin


(10) Join the Rebellion Alliance and defeat the Krump Empire by waging an epic space battle between the Krump Armada and the Rebellion Alliance (Adui, Ekdozi, and Infinity Knights) and capture CEO President Krump and force him to sign a new peace treaty. 


Mission Objectives Summary

  • Investigate the Upahara River on Mto to test the water quality and biodiversity of the fish populations to uncover the reasons why they are dropping off.

  • Head down to the planet surface of planet Aduin and remedy the planetary flooding problem.

  • Find Prince Dalfo and return him to Aduin Space Station

  • Establish a source of wheat and bring the Ekzosi 50 containers of wheat

  • Rescue Princess Mfalma and bring her to Aduin Space Station to marry Prince Dalfo and complete the alliance

  • Find Prince Dalfo and bring him back to Aduin to marry Prince Mafalma and complete the alliance

  • Find the Orb of Invisibility

  • Restore the Mtisu rainforest

  • Obtain the magical Scepter of Attack and deliver it to the general of Ekzosi.

  • Work with the Adui to liberate the Jumuiya Fusion Power Station so that the Ekdosi can power the ships of their armada 

  • Capture Mr. Krump and force him to surrender and sign a peace treaty.



The various societies involved are the Adui, Ekzosi, Msaidizi,  Mitsui, Enye, Malaika and Krumps.  


Beruna Beta- Mtisui homeworld

Mfungwa Gerazani- moon of Beruna Beta

Ekzosia- Ekzosi home world

Aduin- Adui home world 

Wizi- Krump home world

Mto- Msaidizi home world 

Enye Kui- Enye home world

Jangwa- dessert moon home of the Malaika mystics


Asili- abandoned planet

Mavuno- abandoned planet

Planet Bwawa- source of coal for Krump Empire

Planet Mafuta- source of petroleum for Krump Empire

Planet Myusi - source of methane gas for Krump Empire




Prior to the creation of the Jumuiya Fusion Power Station, the Adui were heavy users of the Krump's fossil fuels.  Over time, their atmospheric carbon levels exceeded 500ppm, leading to significant planetary warming and the complete melting of their polar ice-caps. As the continents flooded, only the highest mountain was safe above the waterline.  As a result, the population abandoned the planet’s surface and escaped into space and has been living in cargo ships and their one space station ever since.  Their main source of food (fish) comes from the  nearby Msaidizi society on planet Mto. However, recently the food production on Mto has dropped off significantly, and as a result, so too has most of the export of food to the Adui. The Adui are very concerned about their future.  To add more woes to their troubles, their prince was captured by Krump operatives and whisked away with his present location unknown.


Infinity Knight Challenges:

  • Discover and remedy the problem on Mto that is causing food production to decrease

  • Head down to the planet surface of planet Aduin and remedy the planetary flooding problem.

  • Find Prince Dalfo and return him to Aduin Space Station

  • Gain the assistance of the Adui in liberating the Jumuiya Fusion Power Station.



The Ekzosi have a sizeable fleet of space ships that could be used to uprise against the Krump Empire but not enough for a decisive victory.  As such, the generals realized the only way to defeat the Krump Empire is to form an alliance with the Adui. To facilitate the alliance, the Ekzosi offered their princess Mfalma’s hand in marriage to the Adui prince Dalfo.  The Adui accepted the marriage, but shortly thereafter, Krump spies kidnapped both the prince and princess.  The location of princess Mfalma is known, she is located at Krump Tower, the hive of their business operations.  The whereabout of prince Dalfo is unknown. 


The increase in fossil fuel use on Ekzosi has created significant climate change and disrupted normal weather patterns, and as a result. the main food supply, wheat, has dropped off dramatically.  Facing a massive famine, the Ekzosi are seeking wheat imports.  If the Ekzosi are going to be able to wage a rebellion against the Krump Empire, they are going to need an adequate food supply to keep their soldiers fit and healthy.


The Ekzosi general Xoxi claims she must have the Scepter of Attack in order to defeat Krump aramada. Rumor has it the Enye people may know of its whereabouts…


Infinity Knight Challenges:

  • Establish a source of wheat and bring the Ekzosi 50 containers of wheat

  • Find Princess Mfalma and bring her to Aduin to marry Prince Dalfo and complete the alliance

  • Find the Scepter of Attack

  • Liberate the Jumuiya Fusion Power Station so the Ekzosi can power their armada of ships.



The Mtisu are simple natives. The Krump Empire bullied their way onto their planet with false promises of building tourist centers with golf courses and hotels, only to cut down the rain forest and sell off the wood for big profits.  The Mtisu have offered their assistance to the Rebellion by offering the magical Scepter of Attack in exchange for help in restoring their rain forest. The Generals of Ekzosi realize that the Scepter of Attack is essential to their efforts to defeat the Krump Empire and have implored the Infinity Knights to help in obtaining the scepter.


Infinity Knight Challenges:

  • Restore the Mtisu rainforest

  • Obtain the magical Scepter of Attack and deliver it to the generals of Ekzosi.



The Enye suggest that the best way to rescue Princess Mfalma is to find the Scepter of Invisibility and sneak behind enemy lines and teleport her off Krump Tower.  The mystics of Jangwa are rumored to be in possession of the Scepter of Invisibility 



The Msaidizi live on the planet Mto that is lush with wildlife, vegetation and abundant soils.  The Msaidizi supply fish food to the Adui while they try to survive living in orbit around their flooded planet. As of late though, fish production has dramatically fallen off and the Adui are worried. As a result, Adui diplomats have negotiated with Msadizi officials sympathetic to the Rebellion to allow the Infinity Knights to covertly investigate the rivers to check the water quality and any possible causes for the dropping fish populations.  This mission is precarious because the Krump Empire has installed a puppet government that has allowed Krump business to set up operations on the planet and if they were to catch wind of the Infinity Knights presence on the planet would have severe consequences for the Msaidizi.


Infinity Knight Challenges:

  • Investigate the Upahara River and perform Sequential Comparison Index (SCI) on the water quality and fish populations



Mystical race of priest that live on Jangwa moon.





CEO and PRESIDENT MR. KRUMP- Leader of the Krump Empire.  A known liar and lover of avarice, he takes a machiavellian approach to achieving all his designs.


GENERAL XOXI- Having earned her rank in the Battle of Dwalwa, she is an organized and intelligent leader. 


PRINCE DALFO- a handsome lad and heir to the Adui throne.


PRINCESS MAFALMA- Highly education and fluent in 7 languages, she is a currently being held captive in the Krump Tower 


KING REVNED OF PLANET ADUIN- Currently his people have to live in orbit around their homeworld due to melted polar ice caps and extensive flooding.


KING ZECHIAL OF PLANET EKZOSI- An excellent leader, he is worried that the happy days will not return and longs for the days when the Empire can be defeated.


HEAD PRIEST SUTA OF PLANET JANGWA-  A very logical and disciplined mind, he does not suffer fools lightly. 

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