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The Systems Thinking class assesses mainly Systems Thinking and 21st Century Skills standards but also standards throughout the various subjects at school from time to time in science, math, art, music, language arts, social studies, computer programming etc. 

21st Century Skills comprised of core competencies such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving.  You may download the full range of these standards that may be covered on any particular mission here.  The Systems Thinking Standards may be downloaded here.

CIC uses a Decaying Average grading formulae:

What is Decaying Average?


When calculating grades, each new score is given a higher weight than the previous scores’ weighted average. A typical equation for decaying average using a 65% weight looks like this:

Score 1: 4
Score 2: 3
Grade calculation: (4*.35) + (3*.65) = 3.35


A student completes a third assignment. Then, the equation takes the previous average and adds the weighted new score like so:

Score 3: 3.5
Grade calculation: (3.35*.35) + (3.5*.65) = 3.45


The decision to use Decaying Average assumes students’ abilities will increase with practice, and errors will decrease with sufficient instruction and support. The calculation focuses on representing the growth occurring, which lends a good balance to proficiency and growth in grading.

Grading Scheme.001.jpeg

Standards Based Grading

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