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Crisis Document

Version 1.0

This game uses “elements” of the World Peace Game but it is not a World Peace Game 



Crisis 1: NIN Annex

The NIN have become dissatisfied with central government’s responses to their demands for converting the society into a theocracy.  The NIN MOD, a hardliner, has left his position in the central government and set up a military base near the gold mountain on the NW border.  To make matters worse, the main sources of income for the country come from computer software and hardware manufacturing and several of those facilities are now under NIN control. The NIN have also captured a harbor, a critical nuclear processing facility, one nuclear warhead, and are pushing forward to annex more territory with their eyes set on capturing the NIN holy shrine next. Will they stop there or do they have designs to conquer the entire nation?!!  Country C________, still smarting from their loss of the gold mountain, are offering military assistance to Country D________ if necessary, to deal with the NIN crisis. Country A________ had been secretly supporting the NIN financially but are now openly doing so and continue to offer aid to their cause. (Country A_______ writes a cheque for $50M immediately and hands it to the MOD of A________  who then leaves his cabinet post and assumes leadership of the NIN rebellion. The NIN have a budget according to the assets in their possession at any given time. The value of the gold mountain is $300B and generates a daily income of $100M from the sale of gold.



Crisis 2: Paradise Island or Paradise Lost?

Paradise Island has been an ideal place to live and visit.  In fact, this volcanic island with its beautiful beaches, lush jungles, temperate climate, exotic fruits, abundant wildlife, and picturesque sunsets,  has been the world's number one vacation destination for several years.  As well, its Mystic Temple and other holy sites have attracted pilgrims from all corners of the globe.  The island is a great melting pot of Krell, Kajaz, and Secret Empire people, where cultural and religious harmony has been realized for several years now.  In fact, life here is so peaceful and harmonious that the island does not even allow for there to be a standing army.  The nations of the world view them as a pacifist nation and an example of the Paradise the world might be some day.  However, a strange disease has spread across the island for which there currently is no cure.  Some rumors suggest the cause may not be of natural means…1000 Paradise Islanders are dying per game day and the UN, whose headquarters are  stationed on the southeastern corner of the island, has put out a call to the world’s nations to come up with a cure in order to stop the crisis. The members of the UN represent the interest and voice of the Krell, Kajaz, and Secret Empire (the Secretary General assigns and assistant secretary to represent each ethnic group).  Can the islanders be saved and complete catastrophic crisis be avoided?



Crisis 3: Racism and Famine

B________ continues to hold racist feelings against the Kajazian people who used to live in the eastern and western regions of their country, but who are now living on Paradise Island. These bad feelings have led them to engage in secret discussions with the Krell islanders in which they are proposing to supply the Krell with arms if they are willing to stage a campaign to overcome the Kajaz and establish themselves, the Krell, as rulers of Paradise Island. In exchange, B________ is seeking to gain ownership of the Mystic Temple, worth $100Billion and a daily income from visitors of $100million.  A________ is aware of these negotiations and has offered the use of its naval ships to assist in the take over if it can get 20% of the daily income from the Temple. NIN spies also have been apprised of the situation and are contemplating ambushing the island when the chaos ensues and attempt to join forces with the secret empire people living there to gain control of the gold resources in the mountain jungles on the western side of the island near the volcano. The mountain jungle gold is worth $125Billion and a daily gold production revenue of $60M, which would help the NIN to further finance their campaign of conquest into new territories.  In exchange for their support, the NIN are offering the Secret Empire 25% of daily gold production revenue and governorship over the western half of the island.  The Secret Empire people are tempted by this offer in that it would allow them to regain some of their former glory. What will happen, will it become Paradise Lost or remain Paradise Island? 



Crisis 4: Acid Rain and Crashing Fish Populations

With the warming conditions associated with global warming, A________ has come to discover vast coal fields under what was once a land covered by swamps millions of years ago prior to its recent mini “ice age” of heavy snow and ice.  As such, A________ has been constructing new coal power stations at an alarming rate, 2 new coal power stations per game day and pumping out ever increasing amounts of SO2 and NOx gases, gases that cause acid rain. 


The prevailing winds blow southwest most of the year into B_______  and this has resulted in severely detrimental acid rain conditions in the lake waters of B_______.  Country B has come to rely heavily on inland fish farming for their main source of food supply since the ocean waters off their coast became excessively polluted from their oil industry.  The acid rain conditions are causing aluminum to leach from the soil of their new man made lakes, which in turn kills the spawning fish eggs of most species.  The starvation conditions this has brought upon B________ is leading 1,000 civilian deaths per game day and as such, the MOD of B________ has responded by sending a C-17 cargo plane with 2,000 troopers to take over the uranium mining operation in the southern mountains of A_________.   The Uranium mountain supplies the fuel rods to A’s_________ nuclear power stations and until this crisis is resolves half of A’s_________ current power stations are now offline and not producing energy nor daily income. B_______ begins trucking home uranium from the mountain to power their own nuclear power stations.  Furthermore, B’s MOD is calling upon B’s prime minister to forge ahead and destroy the coal power stations, just one game day of travel away. In response, A________ is sending 2 F-22 fighter jets and 4,000 troopers to respond to the invasion forces.


Country C______ is also concerned about the coal power stations and what they might one day to do their land-of-many lakes.  They have joined with B_________ to submit a request to the United Nation to intervene in the matter and fine A_______ $10M a day carbon tax on each of A’s________ coal power stations.  Will the UN enforce their request or come up with another solution to this crisis?



Crisis 5: Water Crisis 

Country C______ has been experiencing every increasing amounts of drought in recent years. Farm production has been critically impacted and is down 70%; water shortages are an almost daily occurrence in the major cities.  The inability of the former prime minister and cabinet to manage this crisis lead to a new regime being voted into now power. As per a campaign promise, the new prime minister has launched a major initiative to address this problem by investing heavily in an innovative new technology produced exclusively by D_______, a Whisson Wind Turbine (WWTs). These turbines are able to collect water vapor from the atmosphere in large amounts compared to their size.  1 WWT can supply the water needs to 1 entire metropolitan city (3 are needed to supply the capital). D’s_______ asking price for the first order of 2 WWTs is $2Billion ($1Billion per unit). C’s economic losses due to the cities being low on water supplies are $50M per city per game day and $100M from the capital per game day, and every 2 games days a city lost!  Five game days from now the capital will be lost if it does not have 3 WWTs supplying its water!! 


D_______ and B_______ have lakes but neither are immune to the effects of climate change and are loosing 5 lakes per game day and being forced to supply their cities with potable water by the use of technologies. They will need to convert their country to these new forms of water and supply their cities and capital with adequate water by the start of game day 3 or start loosing 10,000 people (troops) per city per game day. 



Crisis 6: Country B Trade Entanglements and the Water Crisis

B’s____________ intelligence officers have intercepted cell tower communications in the major city of Paradise Island between Secret Empire and NIN spy agents and learned of their plans to annex the western half of the Island.  In response, the government of B_______ has placed trade sanctions on D_______ that bars B________ manufacturers from selling to D______ the capacitors used in their WWTs. Without these capacitors, D______ will not be able produce new WWTs nor be able to service existing WWTs that may need repairs.



Crisis 7: Country A Water Crisis

A__________ is also experiencing the effects of climate change and undergoing a water crisis of its own. Now that the snows and ice have melted, easy access to water is no longer an options. Combined with the fact that weather patterns have shifted rains away from their lands, each of its major cities is experiencing daily water shortages along with its capital. Each city needs 1 WWT (capital needs 3) in order to survive these new drought conditions that have become the new normal.  For each day that A’s cities do not have water, economic losses are $50M per city and $100M form the capital, per game day, and every 2 games days a city lost!  Five game days from now the capital will be lost if it does not have 3 WWTs supplying its water!!  


The prime minister of A______ is not waiting around for diplomats and industrialists to fix the problem and decided to solve the matter by force and called upon the MOD to enact plans to seize control of the western province of D_______ where the WWTs are being manufactured.  The campaign has been successful thus far (one metropolitan city, a software and hardware facility, a silicon plant and 2 ICBM missiles being captured already) and his forces of 5 F-22 fighter jets, 6000 troopers, and 5 naval battle ships are pushing forward to capture the WWT facility. 


The MOD of D______ was slow to respond to the surprise attack but now has forces in route to defeat the invaders.  5 F-22 fighter jets, 5000 troopers, 4 naval battles ships, and 2 tanks have responded and have begun to resist.


The United Nations has sent 1000 troops to the conflict zone along with 3 naval battleships and 2 F-22 fighter jets and has begun firing on A’s ______ battle ships and fighter jets destroying 2 naval battle ships and 1 fighter jet already.


Crisis 8: Country C and D Ocean Trading Tubes

D_______ is proposing a joint partnership with C_______ for investing in the construction of an Ocean Trading Tube (OTT) which will allow for next day delivery of all traded goods between the two countries. Cost of constructing an OTT is $50Billion. D_____ is offering to pay 40% of the cost required to construct the OTT, while C_____ would pay the other 60%.  C’s________ prime minister is not completely sold on the idea and has decided to consult with cabinet members.  This water crisis issue is really starting to hit the treasury accounts but, then again, an OTT could open up the possibility for greater prosperity through trade. What will C’s prime minister decided to do?



  • Ocean Trading Tubes:  Products are sent on skates.  An OTT has four lanes and can have up to 4 skates at time in the tunnel, regardless of the direction of travel.  An individual skate can carry a maximum of 8 units of any mix of products.

Crisis 9: Mystery Strike on Ocean Trading Tube

An unmarked ocean mining ship has just detonated explosives damaging the OTT connecting A______ and C_______ and brought trade between the two countries to a halt.  C________ has its suspicions that it was a convert operation conducted by B_______ in retaliation to C’s_______ recent trade tariff of 20% on all B______ goods imported into C_________ .  


B’s _______ MOD has located the suspected mining ship and it is moving towards B’s coastal waters where their off-shore oil rigs are operating and informs the PM that the approaching vessel could be cause for concern.   A’s_________ MOD sees the mining ship moving towards B_______ and surmises it must be heading home.  A’s________ PM relays this information to C’s_______PM and both countries prepare to ramp up military spending and devise retaliation measures!

Crisis 10: Industrial Cyber Espionage

Industrial cyber hacking is on the rise and over 80% of the crimes are being traced back to government sponsored industrial hackers inside C________. Most of this cyber-enabled commercial espionage are against industries within A_______ in which intellectual property is being stolen including blueprints, military and consumer information, and other trade secrets.  A’s head of the National Security Agency described the intellectual property theft by C_____ as "the greatest transfer of wealth in history," because, he said, C______ has built whole industries using stolen formulas, plans and techniques that A’s________ companies spent years and billions of dollars to develop. C______ denies these claims and attributes the cyber theft to the Free Empire Leaks. The FEL would be happy to take credit for the work but deny it is them. 


Economic losses from the hacks for countries A_______, B________ and D_______ are mounting, with daily economic losses of $320M, $40M, and $40M respectively. As such, the three countries have come together to deal with the crisis and initially there are two options on the table. 


First the group has considered involving the United Nations, and they submit the problem to the Secretary General to study the situation and get back to them with possible resolutions to the crisis.  


Secondly, they are considering a more direct approach which involves neutralizing C’s_______ cyber capabilities. C’s ___________ cyber network is heavily encrypted with considerable defensive strength but as with all things cyber, not invincible. Their central cyber unit (CCU) building is located next to the capital city but their cyber defense net towers must be overcome first before the CCU can be neutralized.  To take down one of the cyber defense net towers (CDNT) refer to the Cyber Hacking Tables. Cyber defense net towers can be replaced at a cost of $400M each and 2 games days wait).


Crisis 11: Global Trade War

B’s__________ Minister of Trade is quick to point out to the cabinet that C’s recent tariff of 20% on all goods should not go without a response and suggest a 30% tariff on all commodities imported from C________.  The Minister highlights the fact that B______ is the major purchaser of C’s commodities and any tariffs would surely hit them hard financially and the PM agrees to this plan and announces the new 30% tariff. News of this new commodities tariff reaches the capital of C_______ who was expecting some kind of retaliation and calls upon D________ to adhere to rules and regulation of their trade bloc manifest which states that all member nations will respond in kind to any threats from outside nations. As such, D_______ is obligated to impose tariffs of 30% on all commodities and goods imported from B________.  


B_____ is a member of the Southern Hemisphere Trade Alliance that includes B_____, A______, and Paradise Island.  The charter of the SHTA states that all members will adhere to common tariff and trade policies. The council of the  SHTA announces immediate tariffs on all goods from non-member states off 30% and a 10% tax on all commodities. These announcements stir the blood of both C______ and D’s________ Ministers of Trade and are considering bringing the issue to the attention of their respective MOD’s for possible military responses; however, the CFO’s will have to weigh such a response against the economic consequences affecting commerce and the national treasury, and consult with the Prime Minister in how best to respond to the crisis. 

Crisis 12: Ocean Pirates

In the year 2025 the World Bank went on the Gems Backed System, or what is known as the GBS.  The source of gems backing the financial system come from the Ancient Lost City under the ocean and include ruby, emerald, sapphire, pearl, diamond, lapis lazuli, amethyst, opal, amber, aquamarine, garnet, malachite, topaz and others, valued at $1.4Trillion.  


A major crisis has come up and the world’s financial system is in jeopardy, ocean pirates are looting the Ancient Lost City at a rate of $250B per day! At this rate the WB will be insolvent at the end of 5 game days!! This will surely lead to a global economic collapse, sending the budgets of the world’s nations into free fall.  The pirates are using a Leviathan to defend their strong hold inside the Ancient Lost City, a formidable opponent to anyone who would try to stop them. 


The United Nations tried negotiating with the pirates to no avail and have now resolved to using force in an attempt to dislodge to pirates, they are sending 2 nuclear submarines equipped with 4 ICBM each deal with the pirate ships and Leviathan.  Each pirate ship has 2 hit points(hp) and the Leviathan 20hp.


A_______ has been gaining $200M/game day buying gems at a discount rate from the pirates and selling them on the open market for a hefty profit which they have been using in part to finance their military operations.  The MOD of A_______ is pressing the PM of A_________ to defend the pirates by sending a fleet of nuclear subs to the Ancient City, what will the PM decide to do? Without these gam funds, A’s_______ military actions could start draining their coffers pretty quickly.

Crisis 13: Ocean Acidification

Old habits die hard but if the ocean is going to continue to supply protein to the worlds nations, something has to be done collectively to remediate the rising pH levels in the oceans. Currently, 2 of the worlds nations, B_____ and C_____, pump their industrial waste and sequestered carbon emissions into the ocean.  The practice, along with their oil industry, has essentially wiped out B’s_________ fishing business, as the waters off their coast no longer support sufficient numbers of fish, creating a virtual dead-zone.  C’s fishing fleet is on the brink of collapse and will start loosing “$60M/game day starting game day 3.  A______ has avoided pumping their waste into the oceans in order to protect their fishing industry but instead opted for not doing carbon sequestration at all.  They pump gases from their coal plants and other factories directly into the air, essentially treating the atmosphere like an open sewer. Nevertheless, their fishing beds are starting to feel the effects of the collective rise in the ocean’s pH and are now loosing 2 fishing boats each game day until the trend in pH levels can be turned around. 


D’s_______ biological engineers have found a way to convert sequestered carbon into useful solid carbonates that can be used for building construction by using genetically altered yeast, and thus provide a form of carbon sequestration that will last thousands of years. This patented technology is now being sold by D______ to the other nations of the world and entails a large facility in which the carbon can be converted. They are offering these facilities for sale at a cost of $15B each. One Solid Carbonates facility is needed for every 10 plants/facilities that a nations owns. pH levels in the ocean will begin reversing when this requirement is reached by all nations.  If this crisis goes unsolved, A________ and C______ will have famine conditions starting game day 3 and loose 5,000 people (troopers) per day.  Starting game day 6, all nations will start loosing $10B due to the lost economic activity stemming from this crisis.

Crisis 14: Paradise 108

Paradise Island has an agricultural research station on the small island off its southwest coast.  They have been using genetic CRISPR-Cas9 technology to invent a form of wheat that would be drought tolerant, contain higher amounts of nutrients, and produce higher yields than any wheat known today. Finally, after years of research, they have the breakthrough they were looking for. They are calling this new form of wheat Paradise108.  News of their breakthrough has sent shock waves across C________.  Their main farming crop is wheat and the threat of Paradise 108 has farmers demanding answers from their leaders.


Feeling the pressure from his Minister of Trade (MOT), the farmers union and their supporters, the Prime Minister announces an immediate embargo on any Paradise 108 into C________ and follows this announcement with a petition  to the UN demanding they declare Paradise 108 unsafe for consumption.  The PM follows this up by announcing to the world that C_______ will take any measures necessary to stop the spread of Paradise 108 into the world commodities market.  Either way, the PM is set on stopping Paradise 108 and will only wait 2 games days before C__________ will invade the research island and stop Paradise 108 dead in its tracks.


When the PM of B________ hears about this, B’s_______ MOD is called upon to draft counter measures in the event of an invasion upon the research island. B_______ has secret plans to take over Paradise Island and has a keen eye on turning a hefty profit off the sale of Paradise 108.  The value of owning the patent rights to Paradise 108 will increase the budget of a nation by $100B and a daily profit from exports of $600M.

Crisis 15:  Space Monopolies

D_________ was the last nation to became a space faring but when it did, they moved quickly to capitalize on First Contact.  10 years ago, in the year 2019, C______ astronomers made First Contact with other space faring civilizations. Since that time, the Solar System has served as a trade route to Alpha Centauri by other exoplanetary star system civilizations.  D_______ food scientist got to work in designing foods suited to the taste of these travelers, mainly merchants, and opened the Space Snacks Shack spaceship stop, a trade depot, and business is booming!  C_______ claims they should get a portion of the profits due to the fact their research dollars went into making First Contact.  D_______ disputes these claims and has taken out of loan of $1B from the World Bank (to be paid back in full at the end of game day 3 at 15% interest) to build Star Shine, a spaceship wash station that offers full detail service of both exterior and interior cleaning.  C’s PM is nonplussed at the news of D’s expansion plans! The MOT suggested that the MOD take control of the asteroid fields and monopolize them in response.  D’s_______ PM agrees, and sends 5 space-fighter ships to control the entire asteroid field.  Profit from each asteroid is $100M per asteroid per day per successful harvest (1/1 coin flip).  All nations currently depend on asteroid mining for profits and access to essential metals.  This does not sit well with the other nations, especially A_______ and B________ , who are ramping up their military spending due to conditions on the Earth.  They form a coalition to battle C________ in space and they send a fleet of 3 space-fighter ships each to the asteroid fields to confront C’s 5 space-fighter ships.  D_______ has refrained from getting caught up in the asteroid field conflict, for now, but will resort to force if necessary to defend its investments in Space Snacks Shack and Star Shine enterprises.

Crisis 16:  Moon Base Xi

When International Space Station (ISS) was decommissioned in the year 2023, the nations of the world came together to budget and design for a moon base (it was from Moon Base Xi that C’s______ lead astronomer Li Wei Xi made First Contact). Each nation of the world took out loans from the World Bank to pay for their equal share of the project but A_________ was unable to pay back their loan in time.  C________ stepped in and covered the loan for A_______ .  C______ is now demanding that A______ stick to the terms of their agreement which stated that A______ would pay back C_____ in full.  The money is due in two game days in the amount of $10B at %5 interest.  the PM________ is pressing this issue and informs the PM of A_________ that failure to pay will result in C______ confiscating their section of of the moon base and all their assets.  A________ responds to threat by calling upon the UN to intervene and hold C______ accountable to the original charter of the moon base project that states all nations will own 25% of the moon base forever. Will diplomacy or force or the World Court, or all three, solve this crisis? 

Crisis 17:  Methane Lake

Climate change is creating problems around the world in various forms. One such problem is the increased release of methane gases from permafrost, methane gas locked in frozen soil.  Methane is one of the main culprits of global warming, its greenhouse effect is more than 25 times that of carbon dioxide. Recently it has been discovered there is a giant methane lake beneath the ocean off the coast of A_______.  A______ was formally covered in ice and snow and now that it has “thawed”, a new methane gas “super lake” has formed off the coastal shelf of this country.  The rate of gas leakage is so high, international climate scientists are warning the world leaders that if the gas leak is not stopped within 5 game days, the methane release will create an unstoppable feedback loop of ever warmer temperatures and an ever increasing number of new methane lakes forming.  If the crisis is not solved, if a solution of how to prevent the methane gas from getting into the atmosphere can not be devised, climate scientists say the the worlds remaining ice will melt and the waters of the Earth will deluge the worlds nations and humanity will be lost!

Crisis 18:  United Nations Under Attack

The MOD of A_______ is incensed that the UN is intervening in his military operations inside of D______ and has gone rogue and directed attacks upon the headquarters of the UN.  Several air raids have badly damaged UN headquarters located on Paradise Island.  The PM of A______ was out of country at a summit meeting when the attacks occurred.  Normally, a PM would know how to handle the situation, by firing the MOD, but in this case, the correct political response, both internally to the country and externally to the international community, is not so clear.  The MOD will definitely attempt a coup d’état if he is asked to stop, and the PM knows it. The MOD has a lot of supporters within the government including the MOT, who will surely join in on any coup d’état attempt.  And even personally, the PM has always resented the UN since the days when the UN decided stop renting land for their headquarters and shift their headquarters to Paradise Island.  On the other hand, the PM is not sure what the political cost and otherwise would be if the UN is destroyed by A’s______ military. How would the other nations respond, if at all.  Having the UN out of the way would surely open up opportunities,  and provide a clear path to conquering D_____ more easily, which is secretly and ultimately A’s_______ plan. Will the UN survive, can this crisis be solved?

Crisis 19: Cyber Thieves Strike Again

Cyber hackers from country B________ have been detected within the network of country A________. A’s cyber security teams have evidence that B_________ has stolen several important industrial and naval military blue prints.  The PM of ______ rebuilt the cyber defense network towers that were damaged in the attacks and considered waiting for a response from the UN, but has since been persuaded by the MOD to take actions without delay.  The PM sends 4 nuclear submarines, 6 naval ships and 2 F-22 fighters jets to bomb the north most city of B_______.  How will B_______ respond? Will the UN or some other nation get involved,? This would open up another war front for both countries, can they afford it? How will this crisis be resolved, those stolen blue prints are worth billons (B_____ adds $3B to its budget immediately) and could in fact give B________ a military edge in future conflicts (B_____ immediately selects 3 military assets of it choosing free of charge from the Arms Dealer Table <but nothing with nuclear capabilities>). The titans of industry in A_______ are demanding a strong response from the PM as they have lost out on massive amounts of profits as their trade secrets have been stolen (A’s_______ CFO deducts $3B from its budget immediately).



Crisis 20: Olympic Size Crisis

Once every four years the nations of the world come together for the Olympics and this year it is set to begin at the start of game day 6 in the country of A________. The PM of A________ is hoping to use the Olympics to put a fresh face on the country and as a propaganda event to make people gloss over their military campaigns.  


D_______ is currently announcing that they are going to boycott the event due to the military incursion by A_________ into their territory.  


The athletes of B_______ were found in violation of the banned substance policy prior to the previous olympics and are under intense scrutiny by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  B_______ has until the start of the Olympics to come up with a clean drug test if they are to be participating in the competitions (2/3 coin toss, can try once each game day).


The MOT of C________ is still fuming about the Olympic Committees selection process and feels that selection was rigged against C_________ ,who has been bypassed for the last several Olympics from hosting the event, and is asking the PM to boycott the event in protest.


Paradise Island says they do not have the money to send their athletes and are asking for donations from the other nations in the amount of $200M to cover athlete training, equipment and travel to the event. 


Wow, what an Olympic size mess this is! Will tragedy be avoided and the Olympics held this year?  To solve this crisis, all countries besides the host country will nee to have landed a cargo plane carrying their athletes at the olympic stadium by the start of game day 6.

Crisis 21: Unemployment 

C__________ continues its economic slide as climate change has taken its toll on agricultural production inside the country. The fields have turned to brown from green as water becomes more scarce and populations continue to grow. Sectors across the economy have dried up as well, as economic productivity begins to stumble.  The result is record high unemployment that is seeing droves of C’s______ citizens emigrate for better job opportunities.  Country B________ is seeing an influx of 6,000 workers seeking jobs per game day; D________ and A______ are seeing 3,000 job seekers per game day as well (C looses 12 troopers per day until the crisis is solved).  In order to accommodate new arrivals, each country must construct one 1 factory or plant per 2,000 new citizens.  


To solve this crisis, C______ is going to have to invest in 2 new technologies and get is people the requisite skills training.  Other countries will have to be persuaded or compensated to send experts and share technology, and be willing to train workers to operate a factory where the technology will be used to produce products.  Only then will the emigration problem come to an end.



Crisis 22: Alien Auction

An alien race calling themselves the Breen, who is stopping off for a bite to eat at the Space Snacks Shack (SSS), are auctioning off a Killer Satellite (KS) that is capable of destroying an entire metropolitan city in 1 shot with 100% accuracy (no need to flip the coin).  The auction will begin at the start of game day 2 and conducted by the Judge of the World Court (or Wg if there is no judge).


Depending on who ends up owning this formidable weapon, the geopolitical landscape of the entire world may be altered.  Falling into the wrong hands and great chaos could be unleashed.  In the hands of those who would use it as a deterrent, peace could be ensured for millions.  This crisis is solved once the KS is decommissioned and taken apart, whose owner will incur a $2B budget deduction at the time of decommissioning.  

Crisis 23: Pandemic

Climate change has brought some new and some old diseases to inflict loss of human life around the globe.  Most of these have been contained within their home country and short lived but a new and especially virulent form of the flue has blossomed into an all out Pandemic (not related to the other sickness going around Paradise Island). Losses per day per country are 2,000 people (2 troopers). 


The world scientists came together and discovered a cure but in order to scale its production on a global scale, each country will have to use its specialty to contribute to the collective global effort.  To solve this crisis, 5 of the worlds  nations must build a Center for Disease Control facility (CDC). Then, a specific sequence of events must take place:


Country B________ must use its CDC facility to manufacture the glass vials that will hold each dose of the medicine and ship 9Billion units to country D________. It will cost B_______ $450M to manufacture the vials, shipping time depends on the mode of transport- air, ship or Ocean Trading Tube.  All the vials can be transported through an OTT same game day; by air, next game day; by ship, 2 game days. These transport conditions apply to a phases of the mission.


D_____ is responsible for manufacturing the stabilizing agent that allows the medicine to be absorbed properly by the body. The agent will be added to the vials and then shipped to C________.  It will cost D______ $750M to produce enough of the agent for the world’s population.


C______ is responsible for producing the specialized injection needles needed to administer the shots. C’s______ responsibility is to produce 9Billion needles at a cost of $600M and package them in a kit, along with the vials,  that will be used in the field to administer the inoculations.  These kits must be sent to A_____.


A______ is responsible for producing the actual liquid medicine that will go in the vials.  It will cost A______ $2B to produce all the medicine and package it in the vials.  The vials must then be sent to Paradise Island where Paradise Island, in coordination with the United Nations, will manage the distribution of the medicine on a global scale. It will cost Paradise Island $5B to do complete this final phase of the mission and save humanity. 

National Vulnerabilities Tables


Each nations has its vulnerabilities and they are not always known until it’s too late… Prime ministers fall and nations are conquered by them, generals lose sleep over them, and public officials try their best to recognize them and implement measures to shore them up; however, they are always there, vulnerabilities hiding, sometimes in plain site.  At other times, there is an Achilles heal that can’t be compensated for and you just pray your enemy doesn’t discover what it is…


No nations knows exactly what it takes to conquer another nation except for the Weather Goddess and prime minister of that nation who can see The National Vulnerability Tables (NVT) for that nation.  The NVT are held in the Wg’s possession, and can be revealed to those other nations that can successfully defeat the cyber defense net and infiltrate the Military Command and Control (MCC) of another nation.  While defeating the cyber defense net is the surest way to obtain the NVT perhaps there are other ways… a spy?, or perhaps a bribe?…


National Vulnerability Tables (NVT)


The items in the NVT must be neutralize in order to conquer a nation, including the cities and the capital: cities require 5 hits and the capital 10 hits. Also, you must eliminate all cities before you can take down the capital. Remember, to complete your take over, you must have at least 1000 troops inside the country’s territory.  


Achilles Heal: with the Achilleas Heal Item (AHI) eliminated, an attacking nation can bypass the requirement of defeating the cities first and can begin immediately attacking the capital. Additionally, remaining items in the NVT list are reduced by 1/2.  In other words, a nation can now be conquered by eliminating just half of the normally required vulnerability items in the NVT, cities are by-passed and capitals hp is reduced to 5 hits.  Moreover, there is no need to eliminate cities before attacking the capital.  Remember, to complete your take over, you must have at least 1000 troops inside the country’s territory. 


Cyber Hacking

Master Hackers


To develop a master hacker requires 3 successful hacks upon installations, factories, plants, AI hardware, or machinery of another nation. For each Master Hacker the other nation has, their defense against your attack goes up by dropping your success percentage 1 level. (e.g. you are an Expert hacker but your opponent has 2 Master hackers, you will hack at the Beginner level).




To acquire a hacker, a university is needed, where they will get a bachelors degree in cyber security . Each game day, for each university you have, 1 hacker is produced, up to a maximum of 4 hackers per day.


Hackers engage in both defensive and offensive duties.  The higher your character class(expertise), the easier it is for you to hack.  As well, with each new Master Hacker you acquire, the greater is your nation’s cyber security defenses, which allows you to better defend against hackers.




Hacking the Military Command and Control


To successfully cyber hack another MCC, their cyber defense net must be taken down 2/3 of the way (2/3 of all existing cyber defense net towers) and the MCC hacked (4/5 coin toss with 1 master hacker; 2/3 with 2 master hackers, 1/3 with 3 master hackers) Hacking Blueprints


Every 12 successful hacks, into either factories or plants, allows you to steal the blueprints of one trade card type from your opponent and begin manufacturing it for yourself (need to buy a factory to produce it).  So, in practice, you could produce the required containers worth of products in your required imports list for yourself. 



Banking and Investments


Teams will be given all or part of their starting balance in cash. Cash can be kept on hand for transactions, investing, and deposited in the bank and cheques written against the bank balance.  All transaction must be recorded with a receipt.  Both cash and cheques payment receipts are managed and kept as proof of payment by the CFO for purposes of preparing day end balance sheets and auditing.


The World Bank (WB) makes loans, creates financial instruments, and manages the investment performance portfolios(IPP) of each nation, who can invest in their own stock market or the stock market of other countries, and attempt to earn a rate of return on their investments. At the end of each game day, the WB determines the Rate of Return(ROR) for each nations stock market by using the Stock Market Table.  After learning of their performance in that days stock market, a country can then decide what to do with this money: take it out and invest it elsewhere, convert it to cash, deposit it in their bank account, or let the money stay where it is and roll over into the next game day.  




Trade Objectives Tables


Trade Objectives Tables define the trade objectives for each country or colony by listing the amount of commodities and goods they will need to export and import from other countries or colonies through trading.  Countries may end up specializing in certain commodities and goods that other countries do not have and can be used for such things as earning profit, providing leverage, and trading for other things.  Each country will role a d20 and d4 sided dice (or 4 6 sided dice if you don’t have d20 and d4 dice) before the game begins for each item in their import table to determine the quantities required to win the game.




Countries must purchase a manufacturing facilities from the Industrial Store (run by a member of the World Court or Wg if there is no WC). Each manufacturing facility can produce  a maximum of 10 different items (any combination of goods or commodities). You will indicate on the Manufacturing Facility Table which items are being produced in that factory on any give day.  Keep accurate records as you may be asked to show proof during the game.  If you do not have a manufacturing facility in operation on any given game day, those products are not available for export until the factory is replaced or repaired, or the products manufacturing is relocated to another factory.  To shift production to another manufacturing facility takes 1 game day.


Transportation and Trade


Transportation vehicles include container ships, Ocean Transport Tubes, C-17 cargo planes and container ships.


  • Ocean Trading Tubes: OTTs can be built enable trade between countries on Earth and to lower the tariff costs of trading.  Up to three OTTs can be built between two countries.  Cargo sent through an OTT will arrive at its destination next game day.  Products are sent on skates.  An OTT can have up to 4 skates at time in the tunnel, regardless of the direction of travel.  An individual skate can contain up to 8 containers of any combination of products at a time.


  • C-17 Cargo Planes: can carry up to a total 4 containers of any combination of 2 different products at a time and reach their destination the next game day. A country must have at least 1 operational airport in order to fly aircraft, except for drones which do not need an airport to fly.  Airports have 5hp.


  • Container Ships: can carry up to 12 containers of 6 different products at a time. They reach their destination in 2 game days.


 Additional Trade Notes


  • Teams can buy goods they don’t need in order to trade for good they do need.

  • Container ships arrive at their destination the next game day if empty and coming from a country to the left or right. 2 games days if coming from the opposite side of the ocean.  Ships can be loaded and sent back out the same day it returns to its home port.

  • At the start of each game day, the Weather Goddess determines which direction the wind is blowing using the Wind Direction Spinner. Those ships heading in the direction of the wind with cargo will arrive same game day to their destination with the cargo.  This means any country that decides to send cargo to the country at whom the wind is blowing, will have their cargo ships arrive the same game day as well as ships already en-route.

  • Military Assault Bridges can not be used to transport trade items. A Military Assault Bridge (MAB) can be purchased from the Industrial Store. MAB allow a country to connect to the country to the left or right side and are used to move military assets by ground (e.g. tanks, troops, etc.)

  • Airports on Mars have 30hp. A colony must have an airport to fly aircraft, excluding drones.

Mining: Ocean and Asteroids




Mining the ocean floor is a matter of discovery and success is not guaranteed.  The Weather Goddess hold a secret table that indicates which cells on the ocean floor actually contain minerals, not all cells do.  If you do select a cell with minerals, you will flip a coin (1/1) to determine if you were successful.  If so, the Wg will roll a 12d to determine your find.  Ocean mining ships can remain in their mining location for 3 GD, and that point they must move on to find a new location and that location is now considered mined out for everyone for the rest of the game.



To mine and asteroid, you must move one of your asteroid mining ships onto the top of the asteroid. You will flip a coin (1/1) to determine if you were successful.  If so, the Wg will roll a 12d to determine your find.  You may only mine an asteroid for 1 turn before you must then move your mining ship to another asteroid.  A single asteroid mining ship can only mine each asteroid once in the game.  

Water Supply

Potable water is a much more hard to come by commodity in the current climate conditions.  In order to keep cities and your capital operating at peak productivity, you will need to acquire sources of water, which may come from Whisson Wind Turbines(WWT) or ocean pump Desalination Plants.  1 WWT or 1 desalination plant can supply the water needs to 1 entire metropolitan city (3 are needed to supply the capital).  Economic losses due to the cities being low on water supplies are $50M per city per game day and $100M from the capital per game day.  If a city goes 2 consecutive GD without water, the city is lost/removed from the game board. If a capital goes 5 GD without water, the capital is lost and PM and his cabinet must leave the country/go into exile in the next negotiation round.


Military Assault Bridges(MAB):

In this version of the game, the only bridges allowed between countries are military assault bridges and only military assets can move across them, such as tanks and troopers.  The price to purchase a MAB is determined by the arms dealer. 



A country must have at least 1 operational airport in order to fly aircraft, except for drones which do not need an airport to fly.  Airports have 5hp. 


After the game, you will complete the assessment rubrics.  You can open the two windows side by side for convenience: the rubrics and the Google form where you will enter your responses.  Click here to download the rubrics .pdf.  Click here to open the Google form.  Alternatively, you can use the embedded documents below to type in your answers.

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