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Facilitator Guide

When I set out to write a new storyline that was an extension of sorts of the original World Peace Game, it so turned out that the Muse brought two more storylines that serve as progression of increasing complexity from WPG to Earth Accord to Million to Mars.  Earth Accord works with all the game pieces from the WPG plus some new ones.  When moving to Million to Mars, a whole new layer is introduced, and what was formally the sky layer, now becomes the surface of Mars where the countries are tasks with settling 1 Million humans there.

Earth accord introduces new game mechanics in trade, investment, mining, cyber security, and gives the UN stewardship over a country, Paradise Island.  One of the big realizations students had in the WPG was that trade is one of the best deterrents to war. ​  With that in mind, I set out to make trade a center piece of Earth Accord.  Countries have goods and commodities import and export quotas they must fulfill using 3 modes of cargo transport: ocean trading tubes, cargo planes and container ships.  each having benefits and drawbacks.  Countries can now invest in each others stock markets, and develop teams of hackers for offense and defense.  Moreover, the UN is now in charge of an island in the middle of the board called Paradise Island, a land that is made up of the refugees and ethnic groups from the WPG.  

In Million to Mars, the same new game elements introduced in Earth Accord are there and trade is expanded upon.  Additionally, a new "country team" in the form of an expanded role of the original arms dealer group is introduced as Alpha Enterprises, the pioneers of Mars colonizations technology and the arms dealer on Earth.  The storyline of Million to Mars requires deeper thinking and a higher level of complexity as there are now in some sense, two games occurring- the problems and crises and trade on Earth as well as the challenge of terraforming mars to make it habitable for humans. In Million to Mars there are in essence, 6-7 countries operating (1 potential country derived from breakaway NIN).  The game is quite challenging.  I will be adjusting it and working on improvements as we move forward and ask that if you do play it, please provide me with suggestions for what could be done better or altered.  Million to Mars takes about 25% longer to play than the WPG using the Million to Mars Crisis Document Beta version of the game- the other versions I will play in time.  

In making Earth Accord and Million to Mars, I ended up with 46 new crises and realized I could mix and match to create different crises documents of varying length.  In Earth Accord, I currently have only 3 version and with Million to Mars, there are 4 version and the ability for you to create new ones from the Crises Bank.  Crisis Document Alpha is the original, Beta is using the Earth Accord crises in conjunction with the Mars terraforming requirements, Gamma is a selection of my favorite crises from both Alpha and Beta, and Gamma is all crises combined.   

I have provided links to the all the documents you will need including links to a resource folder that gives you access to the original files that you can tweak and change around as you like, just look for them on each game's webpage.  As John has pointed out, honing a crises document can take years of game play, your feedback accelerates the process.

What John has created for us is rich beyond measure, let us all promote and continue to learn from this modern day Master's exercise for the devotees of Peace.  

Bring the Peace,​


Colegio Internacional de Carabobo Education Immersion Center