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Refugee Rescue

In this mission the crew is confronted with a puzzle, a defense net comprised of a network of defense satellites, they must navigate in order to save some refugees being held captive by the Macabarus space pirates.  There are 3 Allie ships of the Valkana that can assist the crew, as well as, a trade center, repair ships, and asteroids which can be mine for precious ores to obtain money for trading. The inner core of the defense net has 3 extra strong satellites that can only be destroyed with a special technology that the crew must first find if they are to penetrate the interior and save the refugees. Click the Mission Folder button below to download the Flight Director materials for this mission.

Lusitania, version: Capturing Captain Dakkar

In this mission, the crew has two objectives. Capture Captain Dakkar and save the ocean animals by getting them back to their proper habitat.  The mission is mainly an oceanography field study of sorts. The crew must collect data on each ocean zone and the animals that are lost, compare their biological data with the ocean environmental parameters and then capture and release the animals into the correct zone and complete a science report detailing their work.  The other objective involves solving breakout box clues in order to liberate Atlantis City from the German Army and Captain Dakkar. There are 4 BreakoutEdu challenges and the crew must find the clues aboard the U-boats in each level of the ocean in order to get the boxes open and retrieve both the access code to Atlantis City Security System, and the dilithium crystals needed to activate the isotonic plasma cannon in Atlantis City in order to create a time portal in the Bermuda Triangle through which to take Captain Dakkar back to the present day to stand trial in the Federation Court. Click the Mission Folder button below to download the Flight Director materials for this mission.

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