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Dr. Axis


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  • Built-in mission scorecards

  • Crew members can create, share and collaborate on crew tasks

  • Action cards that allow for students to influence the immediate circumstances

  • Trade: Ammo, Ship Modules, Actions Cards, and Rations

  • 50% random resource availability option at Trade Depots 

  • Inventory Slots

  • Squad and Individual leaderboards

  • Mission Objectives checklist

  • Cargo Bay inventory (crew wide inventory)

  • Data Collection, Charts, and Graphs (Tally Bar Charts, Samples Bar Charts, Pie Graphs, Data logs)

  • Exporting of data and files via email

  • Database

  • Flashcard (public, private, and shared)

  • Player Profiles

  • Crew Statics Charts: energy levels, ammo on hand, ammo slots left, crew member XP levels, action cards on hand, slots left, crew expenses, XP and GP gains.

  • Rank systems

  • Master Control switch

  • Crew members office (personal logs, calculator, stopwatch, counter, email, SMS, communique, file uploads, notes

  • Chat- group and 1:1 chat

  • Missions library

  • Flight Directors training videos library

  • Ammo library

  • Meals library

  • Ship Modules library

  • Crew Stations library

  • Beverages library

  • Action Cards library

  • Award Badges

  • Periodic Tables

  • Teacher created assignments (questions, document resources, built-in grading)

  • Replicator recipe notes

  • Galactic Pesos and Experience Points Awards

  • Flight Director Tab visibility controls

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