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The crew finds themselves on mission from Earth to Neptune investigating gas clouds to find the source of radiation that is disrupting communications and making those who fly past it sick.  All the while, Romulans are wreaking havoc with a Tachion Discruptor and raiding ships, along with Orion pirates who are stealing mineral resources. Suddenly, Headquarters comes in with an additional directive, a new gravitational disturbance has opened up somewhere in the solar system and ships are being lost down its gravity well. Without the presence of an accretion disc, the crew must probe for the location of the black hole and create one. It is a race to save lives as the crew goes black hole hunting!


Mission Mechanics:

Each of the 5 maps in this mission entail a ship tasks for the crew where they must use math, logic, and sometimes teamwork to complete them.  These task take about 15min to complete and are usually given at the start of each map.  From there they are to make their way to a gas cloud and probe it to determine if it is the source of harmful radiation, and if not, harvest some of the gas to sell at a trade depot in order to earn galactic pesos for the crew. Each map has some side quest or situation to contend with while conducting this science mission. In the last map #5 the crew will search for the black hole in an attempt to create an accretion disc around and then try to escape through the nearby jump gate as the Romulan Mothership closes in on hot pursuit!

1) Gas Cloud probing: When the crew probes a gas cloud, the squad crews must work together to determine the type of element the gas is made of and its economic value. This diagram explains the sequence of tasks to get the job done. 




Hotels and Motels: The crew can stop in and pay a fee to rest the crew. When they do so, all crew members regain full health. If you are also using my companion app PADD then you will also need to click the button on the My Profile page where the button for giving crew health is located and reset all their health bars to 100%

Crystals: For this mission the 5 crystal types are assigned specie names and functions: Cormalite (green) crystals are valuable for industrial uses and thus can be sold for cash.  Feldomite (yellow) crystals grant the crew a shield bonus. When the crew has at least 1 of these crystals in inventory, you has flight director should turn on the blue shields icon on the FD Repairs window. Archerite (red) crystals power food replicators. If you are using my PADD app then the crew is unable to replicate food until they have at least 1 Archerite crystal in inventory. They can also be sold for money at Trade Depots or other ships etc. Dilithium (blue) crystals are needed use the warp engines and run the ship at full speed. You has flight director can reduce the ships top speed when the ship does not have at least 1 crystal in inventory and disallow the use of jump gates and warp engines if you wish to play it that way. Gallacite (purple) crystals grant the crew 2 boosters. When the captain informs you as the ship's computer that they want to use one of the crystals in inventory, you will then push the booster button twice in succession. As such, the crew can strategically stock pile these crystals to transverse distances quickly. 

Romulans (Map 1): The Romulans are up to their usual no good and this time they are deploying a special new technology that allows them to disable the shields of other ships leaving them easy to raid.  The device is called a Tachion Disruptor and it is a large station that transmits a frequency that cancels the Tachion signal in a ships shields rendering them ineffective. As flight director you can choose to hide the location of the Tachion Disruptor from the crew's sensors making it more difficult to find but it is set by default as visible. This challenge is on Map 1 however you can continue to pester the ship with Romulans throughout the mission if you so choose. As well, you could bring their attacks to an end by having the crew face off with the Romulan Mothership. Personally, I am going to have the Mothership attack and flee until the end of the mission after they make the accretion disc around the black hole and are heading to the jump gate. 

Orion Pirates (Map 1): In this mission the Orion Pirates are fixated on mainly stealing crystals resources. Use them as you wish otherwise as well.

L9 Federation Patrol Ship (Map 1):Headquarters calls in and ask the crew to rendezvous with this patrol ship and resupply them with dilithium and rations. Thus, the crew must have at least dilithium crystal in their cargo bay to transport to the patrol ship. You can decide whether you want the crew to be required to supply rations to the patrol ship or not This could take the form of replicating food and giving it to them, supplying them with Archerite crystals to power up their food replicators. 

Geminon​ (Map 1):: The Geminon are an alien race not belonging to the Federation. They will be encountered on Mars trying to harvest crystal resources.

Tibo Loki Stealth Ship (Map 2): The Tibo Loki are Federation Member race and one of their stealth ships has lost all sensors and is flying blind. They are offering 80Million GP to anyone who can find them and repair their sensors. As flight director, you can decide how the crew finds the ship such as making the ship fly across the crew's sensors range, asking the Tibo Loki to relay directions of their last known location etc.

Nautika Cruiser (Map 3): This ship is a colony ship en route to their new home world in the Delta Quadrant and Headquarters ask the crew to escort them safely to the Delta Quadrant jump gate. However, the Nautika Cruiser has come under attack by the Zilcro. and informs the crew they first  need immediate medical attention for many of their injured crew. As such, the crew must escort them first to a space hospital before then heading to the jump gate. You as flight director will need to orchestrate the degree of difficulty coming from the Zilcro ships. 

Galaxy 500 Race (Map 4):  The crew has the option to pay an entry fee and join this race. You will want to practice running the race a few times before running the mission with a live crew of students. Note that you may also wish to remove the monsters in the race it you think they pose too much difficulty. The crew is required to pass through the jump gate waypoints but I could not figure out how to have the other ships in the race actually pass through the jump gates so use your discretion when to trigger the cue card sending them to the next way point. Additionally, you can alter the speed of the various ships to craft the race to your liking. 

Purple Gas Cloud(Map 4):  This is the gas cloud that has the high radiation levels. The crew will neutralize the gas cloud with a special procedure.

Benta Cruiser (Map 5): This Benta Cruiser is being pulled into the black hole and the crew must race to meet them and start transporting the crew of 250 safely aboard their ship. This sequence takes 15minutes before the ship is destroy by the black hole.  You can use the app MultiTimer to keep track of the crew members transported safely and the 20s timer it takes for the transporter to recharge between transports. 


Black Hole (Map 5):  This is the finale of the mission. The crew will rendezvous with the Neptune Station ship that brings the, 10 black hole probes they can use to try and find the black hole. Once detected they will detonate a probe to create an accretion disc so that the black hole is easily seen. For those crews that need help, when they follow the Benta Cruiser, they will have a sense of the direction in which to search for the black hole. 


gas cloud probing sequencing.png
Flight director explainers

Click the images below to watch the Flight Director walkthroughs explaining the finer details.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have at

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support scripts
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Student log-in
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Mission scorecard
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Ship ledger
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