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Forms of Government Research Presentation


Each group will research their respective form of government, highlighting 5 pros and 5 cons to this form of government.  Presentations can be in any form you like but need to be under 5 minutes in length.  Upload your group presentation (Powerpoint, Keynote or PDF file) so that the flight director can display it for the crew to see while you present. This upload should be completed prior to coming to the EIC on the last day (Day 5) so time is not wasted uploading your file.




After the presentations, the whole crew will organize themselves to design a new form of government for the planet Megara that will appease the interested parties including the Plebians, Noble Houses and Priests.  The crew will divide up into subcommittees addressing the following government structures in detail:


  • Subcommittee #1:  Process of determining leaders (Command, Security Teams)

    • who is eligible to vote

    • when are official elected/terms of office

    • who is eligible to run for office

    • how does one register to vote

    • campaign financing rules- who can give money to candidates


  • Subcommittee #2:  How the government is run (Science, Communication Teams)

    • branches of government

    • power allocation among the branches of government

    • who is in charge of the military

    • Be sure to explain the role of Plebians, Noble Houses and Priest class-your government design must leave those 3 groups intact.


  • Subcommittee #3:  Economic structure (NavWeps, Engineering Teams)

    • are there banks or just a central agency and what role do(oes) they/it play in the economy

    • philosophy on trade policy

    • who are the trading partners

    • foregin investment

    • how is the value of the currency determined


Each sub committe will submit a report (digitally) of their work and include, as well, answers to the following questions:




  • (#1) What was the founding fathers’ reasoning behind how they set up the U.S. government?


  • (#2) What is the fine line between competitive rivals and enemies?


  • (#3) Under what conditions should decisions be made by majority rule?  When shouldn’t majority rule be used?


  • (#4) How should societies handle minority interests?


  • (#5) What roles do longtime traditions play in rapidly changing societies?


Additionally, the captain is responsible for compiling the subcommittees work into a final report 






Command and communication teams: Aristocracy


Engineering team: Republic


Security team: Dictatorship


NavvWeps team: Monarchy


Science team: Theocracy


Economy - what provides the goods and services that are bought, sold, and used?


Capitalism (Russia)

Socialism (Norway)

Communism (Cuba)


Politics - how is the government run?


Dictatorship (Iraq)

Totalitarian (China)

Theocracy (Iran)

Monarchy (Jordan)

Parliamentary (Israel)

Republic (USA)

Anarchy (Afghanistan?)


Authority - who picks the government?


Totalitarian (North Korea)

Oligarchy/Plutocracy (Pakistan)

Democracy (India)


REMEMBER: nearly every country in the world is ruled by a system that combines 2 or more of these (for example, the USA is not a true capitalist society, since the government actually provides some services for its citizens). Additionally, one person's opinion of the type of government may differ from another's (many argue that the USA is actually a plutocracy rather than a democracy).

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