Each year you will have the chance to fly on multiple mission during your years at Colegio International de Carabobo and grow your avatar's capabilities.  You avatar will be managed on the Class Craft website  and during missions you can  invoke your powers to assist the crew.  In addition to your personal powers, you can train special pets with unique powers that can serve to further benefit you and the crew. Throughout each mission there are opportunities to gain XP (experience points), GP (Galactic Pesos), HP (health points) and AP(action points). Be sure to read the Class Craft Basic Rules and Getting Started Guides here

     The best crews have a good balance of healer, mage and warrior character classes; so, as a class, you may choose to strategize who in the crew will take on which character class.  Choose carefully, as this character class is the one you will hold throughout your years at CIC. You may perhaps want to read over the Powers Manual to get an idea of each character classes' special abilities before deciding which character class you will choose to be.  The captain of the ship has the ulitimate authority as to when a crew member may invoke a power, and it is her/his job to be familiar with all the powers available from the crew according to their power level and character class in order to deploy the best strategies for the success of the ship.

     The simulator is a live action 5D theater where you will be required to come in a costume of your own design, either based on the current appearance of you Class Craft avatar or another.  Please make sure your costume is within school dress code modesty guidelines.  During missions you will be asks to act out  the action as it unfolds.  Sometimes you will recieve acting commands via text message or intercomm from the Flight Director  just prior to an event occurring.  A part of your mission performance assessment consist of how well you play the part.  Those students who dive into their role and put their best acting foot forward will score higher than those that don't play along.




















    As a crew members, be sure to in character.  For example, if you character dies, then act out your death scene with applaumb.   When communicating with other crew members, be sure to make statements in line with the traditions of a navy ship.  You can read here some examples of what you can say when giving or recieving directions with another crew member.

    To a certain degree the missions are open ended and no two missions will unfold exactly alike.  In fact, you can do the same mission story several times playing the role of a different crew member each time and experience the mission in a very different way.  Each crew member has tasks unique that station both on their iPad control panel as well as secondary tasks aligned with that career skill set.  Your teachers wil also be embedding curriculum content aligned with the story to reinforce what you are learning in class and provide you with opportunities to show your mastery of what they have been teaching you.  One of the purposes of the Education Immersion Center is to provide you with role playing opportunities to experience what it is like to take what you have learned in class and apply it in various professional careers ranging from the arts and humanities to the sciences and maths.  The simulator relies heavily on 21st century learning skills and the experiences are linked to the curriculum standards your teachers are guiding you through in your regular classroom.  The curriculum resources are the Common Core State Standards(CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the National Council for Social Studies(NCSS), National Core Arts Standards(NCAS), and the Computer Science Teachers Associatinon Standards (CSTA). As a student you will be given the opportunity to create new mission activities tied to these standards.  If you are interested in doing this, read over the curriculum standards and come up with mission activity ideas, submit them to the Game Master and your teacher, and it is possible it will be selected to become an offcial mission activity.

Once you have your avatar created and have read the Guides and the Mission Summary, you can prepare further by brushing up on your MineCraft skills.  During some missions, the crew will land at certain locations to engineer, buy and sell, explore etc.  If you have the wish to contribute original content to the MineCraft maps used in the missions, please contact the Map Master Daniel Baradat.



During missions you will sometimes be faced with making moral and ethical descisions.  An over arching quest for the Infinity Knights is to find the 6 missing Universal Values Orbs and return them to the Saiyans.  In some missions there is an opportunity to find one of these missing orbs, which will depend on your choices and explorations.  Finding one of  these orbs will render the crew more powerful but they are not easy to find.  Some say the best means to locating them is to follow your heart...

Study the galaxy map to know where things are located in the missions and to see what new races have been discovered!

O.k thats it for the introduction, have fun preparing for your mission.  Read the guides and manuals, study and pay attention in class, make an awesome costume, study the various crew members responsibilities, manage your avatar, and get ready for the Dream Flights of a lifetime!