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Standards-Based Curriculum

Water’s impact on human activity and society

The duality of water

Irrigation and agriculture

Hydroelectric power

Weather patterns

Natural disasters

Interpreting data

Reading maps



Higher Order Thinking

What role do governments play in safeguarding the interests of all their citizens?

How has water impacted human civilization throughout history?

Similarly, what impact have humans had on water throughout history?

How has water influenced culture and the arts?

In what ways can water be helpful?  In what ways can it be harmful?



Officials from the capital city of Peponi have sent a dire message for help from the planet Gogi in Gamma Quadrant.   


Peponi is a bustling city-state on a beautiful island. For centuries it has been a centre of commerce, trade, and cultural exchange—but there’s a problem. Peponi sits atop a volcanic island that has lied dormant for centuries but has recently become active. With no way to stop the eruption, Peponi officials have rushed to create an evacuation plan. Their scouts have been searching for a suitable location, but unfortunately, time has run out —the volcano is about to erupt, and Peponi must move now!


Water plays a significant role in almost every aspect of the city’s life—it provides hydroelectric power, connections for trade, irrigation for farmers, and recreation for the people. Therefore, the best location that has been found to match these needs lies along the Tufani River on the far side of the Naruto Sea. Peponi’s engineers have devised a brilliant system of booster rockets that will pick up the entire city and transport it over the ocean to a new location.  Unfortunately, they are lacking fuel cells strong enough to power the boosters and have asked the Federation to send the Infinity Knights to bring the needed fuel cells.  


These particular fuel cells are not easy to come by, and the one known supplier is located at Ryker Station near to the Orion Pirate territory at Rogue Prime.  The Infinity Knights will need to be discrete in flying out to Ryker Station, no need to stir a hornet's nest and run into confrontations with the pirates.  For this, the Infinity Knights will want to fly with stealth systems on and use encrypted sub-space communications so as to not let the Orion Pirates know of their plans to get the fuel cells. 


To make matters worse, the flight plan for the city of Peponi passes directly through the Nenaunir Maelstrom, a region of the Naruto Sea that is filled with treacherous storms. No one who has ventured into the maelstrom has ever returned, but Peponi has no other choice. They are relying on the Infinity Knights to guide them safely through the Maelstrom to their new home!






The mission begins with the Infinity Knight crew on an expedition to acquire the fuel  cells needed to help the city of Pepino move their city  in order to escape the active volcano on their island. The supplier of the fuel cells is located at Ryker Station in the Alpha Quadrant and is in close proximity to the star system of the Orion Pirates at Rogue Prime.  The Navigator will set course for Ryker Station and the Captain will have the crew on alert for any trouble from space pirates. It is critical that the Infinity Knights get the needed fuel cells or the city of Pepino will be lost!


In pursuit of the Orion Pirates, the crew will find their way to the Delta Quadrant when a message from planet Konix is received explaining that the Orion Pirates sold them a fuel cell, but then refused to give them the access code. The Konix responded by attacking the Orion ships and lost many ships in the battle. Now the Orion are threatening to conquer the Konix and take back the fuel cell. The Konix only have 10 drone ships left and are out numbered 2:1.  They request the Infinity Knights to defend them by programming their drone ships and pushing the Orion back to their planet. President Swaja of Konix, explains that in exchange for defending their planet, the Kronix will sell the fuel cell to the Infinity Knights.However, the crew will need to get the access code from the Orion in order to use the fuel cell...time for the Hacker to get busy...


Still in pursuit of the Orion Pirates. the crew arrive in the Beta Quadrant and discover that the Orion Pirates have surrounded a convoy of freighter ships and are attempting to steal the cargo.  At the same time a message from planet Braka asking the Infinity Knights to identify themselves is received. The Braka explain that they have become suspicious of all ships in the area because the Orion Pirates sold them a fuel cell and are withholding the access code.  The Prime Minister of Baka, Ono, explains that if the Infinity Knights will come to their planet and help them build an aqueduct system, they will not need to use the fuel cell and in exchange will let the Infinity Knights have Fuel Cell #4 and the Access Code.  The owner of the freighter ships, Queen Sayana of Saryana 3 explains to the crew's captain that there are 3 fuel cells on board those ship and that if the Infinity Knights can save their ships and get them safely home to Saryana 3, she will be willing to sell them one of the fuel cells and the access code.


After receiving an encrypted message from the city of Pepino that the Orion Pirates are in the Gamma Quadrant selling the same type of fuel cells that are need by Pepino engineers, the crew make their way to investigate, only to discover that another crisis is unfolding. The notorious Doctor Axis has bought three fuel cells from the Orion Pirates to create a machine that can manipulate to seasons.  He calls this device the Season Sabotage Machine (SSM) and it is disrupting the normal weather patterns on the surrounding planets.  The crew must try to outwit Dr. Axis and stop the SSM and get 3 more fuel cells to take down to the city of Pepino.  


Before the city of Pepino can be moved, their engineers ask the Infinity Knights for their engineering expertise in helping them design the rocket thrusters that will be used to move the city.  The crew will put on their MineCrafter hard hats as they attempt to assemble 8 rocket thrusters using the fuel cells as a power source.

The conclusion of the mission begins when the rocket thrusters are ready and the city of Pepino attempts to embark on a dangerous mission. The flight plan for the city of Peponi passes directly through the Nenaunir Maelstrom, a region of the Naruto Sea that is filled with treacherous storms. Ominously, no one who has ventured into the maelstrom has ever returned, but Peponi has no other choice. They are relying on the Infinity Knights to guide them safely through the Maelstrom to their new home!

OFFICER TRAINING Below are some of the simulations you will engage in as a part of your preparation for the mission
DIRT 3- During officer training, you will hone your driving skills in a Dirt 3 time trial competition

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