Players have the ability to train pets.  Once fully trained, pets gain unique powers that can assist their owners as well as the crew.  You can read below the Pet Powers (PP) for the various pets (these pet pictures include their planet of origin, knick name, and genus).


Zinbrust Fox: stealth and raiding are their expertise PP= increase stealth system 50%


Fremen Cat: powerful eyes and climbing ability PP= increase surveillance systems 50%


Draconian Bear: Big paws for catching things PP= freeze one enemy ship from moving


Cardassian Gorilla: Strength and agility are his forte PP= restore engine speed to 100%


Mundina Panther: Stalking silence like no other PP= ships stealth restore 100%


Kalofax Owl: able to send messages quickly and quietly PP= Ability to send 1 free sub-space message to headquarters to ask a question to get help 


Xersi Stag: Ability to maintain the peace through strength PP= send one enemy ship away 2 parsecs


Atreides Herbalist Sprite: expert and finding healing herbs PP= ability to give a crew member 5 HP when they fall in battle


Earth Bald Eagle: fast flying messenger PP= messages unencrypted for 10 minutes


Trinok Flame Lion: calm and confident in the attack PP= Flash Blasters replentish 100%


Sergini Dolphin: highly evolved biological sonar  PP= Sensor jammer fully restored


Dagobah Seeker Sprite: expert and finding things PP= Serveillance system fully restored


Darion Dragon: Spitting fire is his way PP= replentish Seeker missles 100%


Terafax Wanderer Sprite:  knows the ways of its own kind  PP= tractor beam fully restored


Rangi Alchemist Sprite: adept at chemistry PP= environmental toxins reduced to zero


Axiom Medic Sprite: posses a deep unique healing energy PP= restore one sick crew member to full health


Tandeshi Seer Sprite: highly evolved sensitivity PP= stop one hacker attack


Svatoy Shaman Sprite: ability to cast spells on some enemies PP= Reduce enemy ships HP to zero.


Sillian Ember Sprite: increase the ship's firepower- flash blasters in unlimited supply for 3 minutes.


Taingong Druid Sprite: posses a strong power to dissipate energy fields PP= remove 1 enemy ships shields


Nedali Monk Sprite: skilled in the art of teleportation PP= teleport to bring another object to the ship from up to 2 parsecs away


Vivek Sage Sprite: able to fold space by eating strange spice made from the poop of giant worms found only on the planet Iraqis  PP= teleport the ship 2 parsecs away from current location


Atman Guardian Sprite: capacity to generate an energy protective energy bubble PP= restore ships shields 100%  


















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