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Asana Project Management Software

One of the new features coming to the EIC missions in the Fall of 2016 is the crew's use of Asana project management software. You and your team will learn state of the art software used in many of the best companies in the world, including numerous Silicon Valley companies including Dropbox, Uber, Pinterest,Airbnb, New Relic,, Rdio, Addepar, Udacity, Disqus, Stripe, Counsyl, Emerald Therapeutics, Circa, Shyp, Hall, RelateIQ,, as well as and

The software allows you to work as a team keeping your projects, tasks, chats, calendar and responsibilities organized in one dynamic work space. In the upcoming mission you will use the software to help yourselves work as team to diagnose the ambassador's diseases. Learning this software will give you the skills to be collaboration ready when you move out into the workforce after college, or to assist you when you develop your first start up while in college ;)

I have already set up the accounts, so you only need to watch the videos below and when you arrive for the mission I will assign you to an account based on your crew position.

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