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Succesion Mission Conclusion

The Succession mission came to a great conclusion this week with Mrs. Mendez 3rd grade class under the outstanding captain Barbara Filizzola. Barbara took charge of her crew and had them performing at a level of high efficiency- her crew vanquished a school record 26 opposing ships! Not only did she provide the command decisions, she also rolled up her sleeves and provided crew station assistance along side her officers. Her efforts brought her crew to great success in that on the last day they were within striking distance of the top score in all of the school. In the end they fell just short of the top score due to some engineering issues in MineCraft but the crew's overall success is something to behold: the youngest team in all the school almost claimed the gold medal! Congratulations to this up and coming crew from elementary who outscored all crews in the middle school by earning a total of 4560 points!

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