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EIC in the USA

"Mr. Lichtenwalter traveled to Pittsburgh PA in the United States and attended the Dream Flight Adventures simulator-based learning community of practice conference. Notable attendees were Tracey Armant from the Grable Foundation, Andy Princener from the YMCA and a variety of leaders from Grove City, Frazier, and South Butler, and Sharpsville school districts—all of which are in the process of pursuing simulator installations of their own.

The conference was organized and facilitated by the General Manager of North American Operations for Dream Flight Adventures, Mr. Mike Penn.

Mr. Lichtenwalter presented about all of the incredible lessons, connections, and tools that he’s developed around his simulator program in Venezuela. He talked for about an hour and he had everyone mesmerized. He was great—and as any good admiral he did it all in full Star Trek uniform.

We had Bobby Gasowski, the mighty shipwright, in attendance to show everyone—especially the first-time attendees—how world-class simulators are built. He holds the same position as CIC's Felix Arias.

The conference was full of people talking, sharing and being a thriving community of practice. The collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and friendships that emerged are what this Community of Practice is all about!" -Gary Gardiner, Creative Director and Co-Creator of Dream Flight Adventures

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