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World Peace Game

Last summer Mr. Lichtenwalter visited Denver, Colorado where he was trained to facilitate the World Peace Game by John Hunter, "The World Peace Game is a hands-on political simulation that gives players the opportunity to explore the connectedness of the global community through the lens of the economic, social, and environmental crises and the imminent threat of war. The goal of the game is to extricate each country from dangerous circumstances and achieve global prosperity with the least amount of military intervention. As “nation teams,” students will gain greater understanding of the critical impact of information and how it is used."

John Hunter is an amazing educator and has brought the World Peace Game to schools around the world. He promotes the idea of creating "empty space" in which students are left to be independent in developing solutions to complex problems and persevering through the struggles of collaboration and team work that unfold the students understanding of themselves and the inter and intra personal skills necessary to achieve world peace.

The World Peace Game will be played both semesters next school year 2018-2019 at the EIC....

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