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The fate of the Solar System is in the hands of the valiant Infinity Knights as they set off on a mission to discover who or what is jamming all planet to planet communications within the Solar System. With directions from Starfleet High Council to head to the last known communication, a distress call coming from Mercury, the crew has orders to visit each planet and assess the situations there, and if possible, put an end to the problem. 

Unbeknownst to them, an alien race, the Tkon, send their pregnant queens to seek out star systems in order to harvest mineral and gas resources required to incubate their eggs. In fact, the Solar System is being turned into an alien nursery! The terrestrial planets and moons are being harvested for ores and the jovian planets harvested for their precious hydrogen and helium gases. The Queen Mother and her birthing sac are located on Pluto, and the eggs that are released are being transported to the moons of Uranus for incubation where they are drawing upon the gases and ores harvested from elsewhere in the solar system.  If the gases of the jovian planets are sucked dry, this will cause an imbalance in the gravitational dynamics of the Solar System, resulting in altering the orbit of Earth and making it inhospitable!!  Or course, the crew does not know this, but the mystery will be revealed as they progress along in their mission, ending in final a confrontation with the Tkon Queen Mother herself on Pluto!

Mission Mechanics:

At each of the first 7 planets, the crew will need to defeat the aliens and search and destroy 2 quantum projectors(QP) being used by the aliens to send in reinforcements. The QP are invisible to the crew's sensors so they must fly around and find them, decloak them, and then target and destroy them. Additionally, at the jovian planets, the crew will need to locate and destroy the alien's gas harvesting machines.

Repair ships may be called upon to buy ship system modules for backup or to make immediate repairs. They harvest asteroids or comets to get resources to sell for money if their starting balance runs out.

At Uranus, the crew will need to destroy all the alien eggs on the moons located there before heading to the moon of Neptune, Triton, where they will meet up with a Federation Station that has some fighter ships that can assist the crew in their assault on the aliens at Pluto.

The mission itself can be broken down into mini-missions of your own design. For example, each planet has a scorecard and can be run as a time challenge and/or objectives completion challenge. Crews could compete based on time and objectives met, even rerunning the challenge to try and improve their score. 

The science research includes a scan of each planet and its moons in which the crew will be presented with facts about that body and record them by answering Control Center Questions in order to record the scan findings. There is a detailed exam that can be given before and after the mission to gauge student learning.

Celestial bodies studied include the inner planets, Earth's moon, Ceres in the asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and 4 of their moons each. Neptune and Triton, and Charon and Pluto in the Kuiper Belt.


The full mission is 18 maps in size and you can play it in full or play it in parts.  Scorecards for each map allow them to be played as a stand-alone that will enable crews to challenge themselves through replay and trying to beat their score. Scores based on time of completion and objectives met.


Shorter missions might include:

A) INNER PLANETS: Heading from Earth to Mercury, the crew faces the challenges of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. 


B) OUTER PLANETS: Heading from Earth to Jupiter, the crew faces the challenges of Jupiter, Saturn, Kaldashar, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


C) KALDASHAR RESCUE: Starting at the Battle of Kaldashar, the crew faces the challenges of defending Kaldashar, the alien nurseries at Uranus, rescuing the Federation base at Neptune, and facing down the Queen Mother on Pluto.


D) MINI-MISSIONS: The crew faces the challenge of one map and tries to get the best score possible via replays within the time available 


Flight director walkthroughs

Click the images below to watch the Flight Director walkthroughs explaining the finer details. 

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Mission exam
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support scripts
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Student log-in
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Mission scorecards
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Ship ledger
watch each maps walkthrough video below
solar system map overview
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Mission Start- Episode 1 The moon
commander KECHINS.jpg

In this challenge, the crew is faced with stopping aliens from harvesting minerals from Mercury and freeing the federation mining station.  The crew will need to hack into the correct server command drones and get the admin codes in order to program the mining sensor buoys to self destruct and thereby give themselves a fighting chance to defeat the aliens. As well, the crew will need to locate the two quantum projectors and destroy the warp rings to prevent future alien incursions. Mercury is an unforgiving landscape and not a good place to have one's ship go down. The crew will have to work smartly and quickly to defeat the Kaveen and Laytrox Tkon aliens. 


Croobi aliens are raiding Venus of its precious Carbomite ore. The Federations Mining Operations Base is ready to launch an offensive against the Croobi and the Infinity Knights are there to lead the attack. But the crew's hands will be full, as they attempt to defeat the Croobi while also preventing the aliens' harvest drones from reaching the warp rings, and carrying away the Carbomite. Additionally, the crew will need to locate the two quantum projectors and destroy the warp rings to prevent future alien incursions.  The Croobi are formidable opponents, does the Federation have what it takes to repel the invaders? 


While on an away mission to Venus, the crew receives a distress call from the Federation High Council informing them that Laytrox aliens are attempting to take control of Earth. They have just arrived and are attempting to set up a base at the North Pole. The Laytrox are using signal jammers that the crew must first take out before the Federation ships can assist. In addition to defeating the Laytrox, the crew must destroy their 2 quantum projectors to prevent the aliens from returning. The mission will be tough as visibility in the snow is limited and the aliens are swarming. 

VA Kechins.jpg

Humans have never seen such creatures as the Degomi, a species of the Tkon that is massive in size and formidable in their attack strength.  They have taken over the Dilithium mining on Mars and are exporting it off-planet through their warp rings. The crew will need to prevent the drones from reaching the warp rings and somehow find a way to defeat the mighty Degomi. As well, the crew must locate the 2 quantum projects and destroy them to ensure the aliens do not return. 


The Tkon aliens require vast amounts of hydrogen and helium gases to incubate their queen mothers' eggs, and they have come to Jupiter to assume control until every last liter of gas is vacuumed away, leaving Jupiter a metal and rock ball!  Can the crew repel the Tkon, destroy their gas extraction machines and knock out 2 quantum projectors, and then liberate Jupiter Base on Calisto? It a tall order and a lot of ground to cover, four moons and Lipot, Kaveen and Xenna Demonorph to contend with! 


The Tkon aliens require vast amounts of hydrogen and helium gases to incubate their queen mothers' eggs, and they have come to Jupiter to assume control until every last liter of gas is vacuumed away, leaving Saturn a metal and rock ball!  Can the crew repel the Tkon, destroy their gas extraction machines and knock out 2 quantum projectors, and then liberate Saturn Base on Calisto? It a tall order and a lot of ground to cover, four moons and Lipot, Kaveen and Xenna Demonorph to contend with! 


Science Station Kaldashar is where the Federation scientists end up developing a bioweapon to stop the Tkon, a genetic virus that must be injected into the birthing sac of the Queen Mother on Pluto. Here in this challenge, the crew must defend Kaldashar in a fierce battle with Yellow Lipots, a unique species of the Tkon aliens that can breathe in space. Their ability to swarm opponents en masse and inflict critical damages makes them a daunting opponent. The crew will have some assistance from Federation Ships that are on location to defend Kaldashar but it will be up to the crew to lead the battle and save the day!

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 10.05.31

Perhaps the greatest challenge the Infinity Knights have ever faced.  The Tkon aliens are using the moons of Uranus to incubate their Queen Mother's eggs. Several exotic species of Tkon are standing guard as the crew attempts to locate a downed science vessel containing data in regards to their research into developing a bioweapon to stop the Tkon's attack of the Solar System. The crew must defeat the aliens, destroy all the alien eggs, knockout out the gas extraction machines, and blast the warp rings on each of the 3 moons of Uranus being used as incubation sites. Then, fly to Uranus City and liberate them.  This mission takes an expert crew in order to score well!


Triton, the moon of Neptune is under lockdown by Tkon AI Guardian Orbs. All communications to the outside are being jammed. To save Vice Admiral Byrd and her Federation crew, the Infinity Knights will need to knock out the signal jammers and destroy the AI Guardian Orbs which have drained the energy from her fighter ships. If the crew can manage to repair her ships using repair charges, then those crafts can assist the crew in their battle against the aliens. If this challenge is used in combination with Alien Nest challenge on Pluto, Vice Admiral Byrd's fighter ships will fly to Pluto and assist in the battle there.

 On the surface of Pluto, the crew is challenged with defeating the Tkon Queen Mother. To stop her, the crew must find the federation ship that contains the bioweapon that can destroy her birthing sac, a cartridge containing a genetic virus. From there, they will need to hack the birthing sac computer defense systems and then inject the genetic virus into the birthing sac. Then, the crew will need to destroy the quantum portals and Tkon jump gate. Finally, they must defeat the Queen Mother herself, all while trying to content with waves of Tkon alien species. The crew will have the assistance of a squadron of federation Tatu Fighter ships in dealing with the alien swarms. A battle of epic proportions, this map requires good graphics card to run smoothly.  Alternatively, the Flight Director can remove some of the alien species in order to reduce processor demands. This map marks the culmination of the Solar System Defense long mission.

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