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Standards-Based Curriculum

World War I history

Marine biology

Metric weights and measures


Classic Literature:  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Depth and Pressure


Turning Points in History

Refugees and Syrian Crisis


Higher Order Thinking

What positive outcomes can stem from tragedies?

How should one respond to oppression?

Who should be responsible for dispensing justice?

How should one decide whether to use a powerful ability?

How can the long-term impact of a person or action be measured?

Part 1 Timeline
Part 2 Timeline

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The timeline has been altered!  A fissure in time has opened and something from another world has crossed 

into the Atlantic Ocean in the year 1915.  Its presence has triggered a chain of events that threatens to 

unravel human history as we know it!


In order to fully understand the implications of this event, a bit of historic background is required.  In 1915 

Europe was engulfed in World War I.  German forces spread across the continent, and their powerful 

submarines—called U-boats—threatened the seas.  On May 7, 1915, a German U-boat sank a British 

passenger ship—the Lusitania—which was carrying almost 2,000 people, including many Americans.  The 

Lusitania was unarmed, and this attack ultimately led to the United States entering the war.

With the help of the U.S., Germany was defeated in World War I and was punished severely.  Germany was 

outraged and humiliated by its defeat, and over time this led to the Nazi’s rise to power and the beginning 

of World War II 21 years later.


At the time of World War II, America was suffering through the Great Depression.  The war helped America 

pull itself out of the Great Depression and become a political and economic superpower.  This, in turn, led 

to many of the vital advances in science, technology, and medicine in the modern world.

Every action in history has a reaction; each event has a consequence.  This specific chain of events through 

history has led to the world we live in today.


At least, that's what was supposed to happen.  But now the timeline has been altered, history is unraveling, 

and the world may change completely.  Something important in history has changed, and this has sent a 

shockwave through the timeline.  Once the shockwave reaches the present day the world as we know it will 

cease to exist.  The Infinity Knights—the renowned protectors of peace and justice throughout the universe

—must act quickly before Earth’s history is overwritten.  Your mission is to restore the timeline back to its 

original state.


Details are scarce, but here is what we know:  a mysterious creature has crossed a fissure in time and 

entered the Atlantic Ocean.  The creature—which has been described as a giant sea monster—appeared in 

1915 and destroyed many German U-boats, including the one that would have sunk the Lusitania.  As a 

result, the U.S. never entered World War I, and Germany conquered Europe.  World War II never happened, 

and the United States never fully recovered from the Great Depression.  Democracies were destroyed, and 

important advances in science, technology, and medicine never happened.

You must travel back in time, find the mysterious creature, and stop it before it can destroy the German U-

boat.  It must sink the Lusitania in order for the timeline to be restored!




GHOSHAVINA- Leader of the Gachean refugees, she takes her role seriously, confident she can lead her people to a new home.


CAPTAIN DAKKA- During a planetary cataclysm on his homeworld, he and his crew escaped through a ripple in the time continuum created by the cataclysm and finds himself back in time on 1915 Earth.  He currently has plans conquer Europe by preventing America from entering World War 1.


Tie Mpo- A legendary mystic who is thought to know how to activate the time portal of the Bermuda Triangle.


MACABARUS- A feisty race of space pirates that marauds the Gamma Quadrant.   




The resolution to this crisis involves several episodes


(1)  Fly to Star Base New Horizons and transport the Gachean refugees safely through the Gachean territory to the planet Gonza.

2) Fly back to Earth and solve the challenges on a Caribbean island that lead to the mystic Tie Mpo and learn how to activate the Bermuda Triangle time portal.


3) Conduct Officer training in preparation for your upcoming mission


4) Travel back in time to the year 1915 and solve the problems caused by a ripple in the time continuum that displaced the ocean creatures into their wrong habits by conducting a capture and release program that will identify the various ocean creatures and determine their correct ocean zone habitat.


5) Intervene to stop Captain Dakka from preventing a German U-20 boat from sinking the Lusitania and thereby altering forever the course of history.


Episode 1

In this scenario, the objective is to reach the Gachean refugees inside the New Horizons Space Station.  The challenge, however, is that the Macabarus space pirates have put up a Defense Net around the space station and are demanding a ransom.  In order to reach the refugees, you will need to take out enough sections of the defense net that will enable you to reach the space station.  The Defense Net is comprised of defense satellites located inside the asteroid fields in the surrounding area.  Each defense satellite is surrounded by 3 pirate ships: a scout ship (light defense but fast), a corvette (well armed and speedy), and a cruiser (slow but very well armed). Additionally, each section of the defense net is monitored by a patrol ships (very fast with moderate defense and arms).


In devising your strategy, know that defense satellites 5,6,7 can only be destroyed with neutrino bombs that you must first find or buy.   Also, be sure to consider all assets at your disposal including 2 repair ships, a trading post, a weapons cargo vessel and 3 Valkana fighter ships that can be called upon to assist you.


Note: When a defense satellite is destroyed, the network lines associated with it will disappear, thus opening up closer access to the space station.  The ship will not be allowed to pass active network lines.

Episode 2-Minecraft Adventure to travel back in time

Your crew is in a Minecraft obsidian boat scavenger race to find the mystic sage who can help you open the Bermuda Triangle and travel back in time to save the universe! A minecraft experience that will challenge even the most expert players!!!

Episode 3- Officer Training
Episode 4- Ocean Animal Rescue


OUpon arriving in the year 1915 through the Bermuda Triangle time portal, your crew will discover that the marine animals in the region are displaced from their natural habitats.  You will research, find and rescue the animals through a capture and release program that will restore the animals to their correct of vertical ocean zones.

Episode 5- Stop Captain Dakka
Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 5.17.36 PM.png
 COMPUTERCRAFT TURTLE ROBOTS- As you work your way through Tie Mpo' s challenges, you will need to implement your programming and problem-solving skills in order to solve some of the challenges.  Watch the videos and read over the information below to brush up on your understanding so that you are ready to go when the mission starts.
BREAKOUT EDU- The crew will work their way through a series of problem-solving challenges as they race against other teams in the competition to be the first team to arrive at the Bermuda Triangle Time Portal Platform with the activation lever in hand. The race involves traveling in obsidian boats through the rivers of a Minecraft island near the Bermuda triangle in a quest to find Tie Mpo and discover how to activate the time portal.  This process involves a combination of exploration and problem solving using both Minecraft and Breakout Edu.
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