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Standards-Based Curriculum

Comparative politics

Monarchy, direct democracy, and republics

Nuclear isotopes and radioactive decay

Marine biology

Separation of church and state

Space exploration

Coronation, inheritance, and elections

Checks and balances in the U.S. government



Higher Order Thinking

What was the founding fathers’ reasoning behind how they set up the U.S. government?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of democracy?  Monarchy?  Democratic republics?

Under what conditions should decisions be made by majority rule?  When shouldn’t majority rule be used?

How should societies handle minority interests?

What roles do longtime traditions play in rapidly changing societies?

What is the fine line between competitive rivals and enemies?



Mission Objectives


  1. Free the captives on the planets in the "Orbit of Death" by defeating each planet's exotic evil space beast, teleporting the captives to your ship and destroying the planet. You will earn XP points for each exotic beast you defeat, each planet you destroy, and the total number of captives you can deliver to Megara

  2. Upon arriving at Megara, you will draft an argumentative essay claiming the new leader should be elected by popular vote or by an Electoral College system which you will present to the Priest of Megara

  3. Minecraft a fleet of spaceships for the Megara government 

  4. Track and find the Oracle of Delphi in the Rogue System

  5. Destroy the Orion Pirates secret base

  6. Return the Oracle of Delphi to Megara and, based on your new understanding of the respective groups on planet Megara,  design them a new form of government that is inclusive of all interested parties including the Plebians, Noble Houses and Priest.




Mission Introduction

A crisis is unfolding!  The King of the planet Megara has died, and no successor has been chosen.  The entire 

world is in political uproar.  Many factions now vie for the throne, and unless a new King is chosen soon the 

planet will break out into civil war.

By tradition, the Oracle of Delphi—one of Megara’s most sacred spiritual leaders—is responsible for 

appointing the new King.  Thousands of years ago Megara was chaotic, uncontrolled, and plagued with war 

as people fought against each other for power.  Hoping to save the people from their own greed, the Oracle 

of Delphi appointed a King for the entire world, and peace was restored.  Ever since that time, when one 

King dies the Oracle of Delphi appoints a new one from among Megara’s five Noble Houses.

This tradition has preserved peace on Megara for thousands of years.  But this time, things are different.  A 

large group of commoners known as the Plebians are demanding that one of their own be named King.  

They claim that the current system is a flawed, outdated, and superstitious way to choose a King.  The five 

Noble Houses naturally resist this movement, and tensions are on the rise.  It’s only a matter of time until 

the conflict erupts into civil war.


To make matters worse, the current Oracle, a young girl, has not been able to take any action.  At the time of 

the King’s death she was receiving training at a monastery on a distant world.  When she heard of the King's 

death she immediately began returning home to Megara, but she never arrived!  Her ship's signal was last 

detected taking a shortcut through the Rogue System—a notorious hideout of the Orion Pirates.

Fearing the worst, the Priests and Priestesses of Delphi have called upon the Infinity Knights—the 

renowned protectors and peace and justice throughout the universe—to find the missing Oracle and 

return her safely back to Megara.  Only then will she be able to resolve the conflict, appoint a new King, and 

restore peace.


If that was not enough bad fortune, fate would have it that planet Megara resides in the "Orbit of Death", the planetary system around the yellow-red dwarf star Dinos Sega, that includes a ring of planets that have each been captured by an exotic evil space beast. Megara attempted to colonize these planets before the exotic evil beasts arrived and took control of these planets. Most of the inhabitants have been killed by the space beast but it is your mission to rid each planet of the beast and bring the remaining captives to planet Megara to live.  The only way to ensure more space beasts to not return to nest once again on these planets is to destroy the entire planet, as such, once you defeat each exotic evil space beast you must also destroy the planet once you have teleported the captives onto our ship.


Your mission is to travel to the Rogue System, locate the missing Oracle, and return her safely back to 

Megara.  The only clue we have is that her vessel had a nuclear reactor powered by Uranium.  Your ship's 

sensors may be able to detect Uranium Isotopes leading you to her.

But that’s not all.  One of the more militant Houses on Megara—the House of Ares—has dispatched a 

rescue team of its own.  They will also be searching for the Oracle, and if they find her first they will force her 

to appoint one of their own House to be the new King.  You must not allow this to happen!  You must reach 

the Oracle first to ensure that she appoints the new King without interference.

And last but certainly not least, beware of the Orion Pirates!  Intelligence about the Rogue System is spotty 

at best, but according to rumor it is infested with Orion Pirates, and they are notoriously ruthless!


Cast of Characters


House of Ares Vessel

The House of Ares vessel, commanded by Captain Fah Caigo, is committed to !nding the Oracle of Delphi and returning her to Megara where they can in"uence her to appoint one of their own as the new King. The House of Ares is the most militant of Megara’s !ve Noble Houses. Because Megara is not currently at war, it is unlikely that the Oracle would choose someone from the House of Ares to be King without intervention. The House of Ares ship detests the Plebians and their popular champion Janus. They view them as an extreme threat to the status quo, which has been maintained for thousands of years. They have no quarrel with the In!nity Knights, but they do not respect their authority or involvement in the rescue of the Oracle, which they consider a purely internal a#air.


Plebian Vessel

The Plebian vessel, commanded by Captain Bango Hoppan, seeks to apprehend the missing Oracle of Delphi before the In!nity Knights or any of Megara’s !ve Noble Houses can rescue her. The Plebians are commoners, and for thousands of years the entire planet has been ruled by Kings selected from among the !ve Noble Houses. While this may have su$ced long ago, times have changed and the common people of Megara now call for a reformed government in which they too have a voice. While the current succession process does not speci!cally prohibit the Oracle from selecting a commoner as King, this has never occurred in Megara’s history and the Plebians are convinced that the whole political system is rigged. This con"ict has come to a poignant climax in recent months. The former King’s death has coincided with the rising popularity of a commoner called Janus.



Janus comes from a common background but is articulate, passionate, and commands 70% of the popular vote. If the people were given the choice, Janus would lead Megara by a landslide.


Oracle of Delphi

The Oracle of Delphi is a sacred !gure in Megaran tradition and is tasked with using divine revelation to appoint a new King for the planet. Thousands of years ago Megara experimented with democracy, but the chaotic mix of competing opinions led to years of bitter war. The Priests and Priestesses of Delphi restored peace by creating the tradition of Oracle-appointed succession that still exists today. The current Oracle is a young girl who received a vision that “knights from the stars will show a new way for the Megaran people.” Following this vision, she diverted her course through the Rogue System and crash landed in the Rogue Sea where she became trapped in an underwater force!eld snare.


Orion Pirates The Orion Pirates range the cosmos in search of plunder, power, and pro!t. They have a secret hideout and base in the Rogue System, where the random radiation interference makes secrecy easy. Their ships and captains go by a wide variety of names, but the Orion Pirate are universally cruel, ruthless, and greedy.

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