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Now you are ready to start your career.  Practice good team work and collaboration, be focused in your assignments given by your commanding officers and practice the 5 D’s: Discernment, Diligence, D'Loyalty, D'Mind Control, D'Resolve


Discernment: discriminate and self-reflect between what is wrong and right

Diligence: be diligent and committed, doing  work free from envy and egoism

D'Loyalty: being loyal and selfless is the highest form of love

D'Mind Control: strictly watch your thoughts in daily life as to whether they are loving and kind or not

D'Resolve: there is nothing which cannot be achieved with firm resolve



PRIME DIRECTIVE: In a time long ago, an ancient hero of the Saiyan race practised and taught all civilizations of the then known universe how to live in harmony.  For many epocs the 5 value shields possessed by his people were both a reminder and an energy source  that stabilized peoples minds and let harmony reign supreme throughout the galaxies.  As fate would have it, these shields were scattered throughout time and space after the Shardanian Wars.


The prime directive of our crew is to locate and gather the 5 value shields of the Saiyans.   These values are Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace and Non Hatred. These values are the foundation stones that ensure harmony and prosperity for society.  We must return them to Federation headquarters where they will be turned over to the Saiyans to be reinstalled to perform their function, and ensure that the Golden Age comes again…..

Universal Values Orbs







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