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Full Name: Sereni Vairagya Sai

Rank: Admiral

Tri Citizenship: Parthi, Earth, Terak 9

Age: 294 Earth Years (cellular regeneration in 2043, 2108)

Marital Status: Single, no dependents

POB: Parthi DD2

DOB: 1971

Languages spoken: Parthinese, English, Twi, Gha, and 

a wee bit of Spanish

Favorite foods: garden (and Tinokian pudding)

Sports and games: Anbo-jitsu, Dom-Jot,and Chula

Born in the Arjuna system, on outpost Parthi DD2, as a child Admiral Sai learned the ways of the 

Pandava people who were living there upon his parents arrival as members of the second 

human settlement in that system following the peace treaty of Kailash between the Federation 

and the Drivens, the race that governed the Arjuna system at that time. 


Following his Infinity Knights Academy training, Admiral Sai was stationed as a 

member of the Science team aboard the Moksha Federation ship under Infinity Knight Captain 

Eric D. Garner, of the Taos environment recovery fame.  Influenced by his captains great love of 

culture and science, and in particular terraforming and civil systems engineering as it relates to 

nutrient distribution mechanisms and cultural history, Admiral Sai is a leader who expects both 

creativity and discipline of focus from the ships he sends out on missions as the problems they 

must solve are often times very complex.


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