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Manage your adventure with your state of the art tablet.  Monitor your energy levels, obtain rations to complete recipes, and replicate meals to replenish your energy.  PADD is web-based and  works on your phone, tablet and PC.

Energy Level: 
You can use your earned galactic pesos to purchase meal supplements at trade depots, trade ships, etc. In addition to having the correct supplements for a meal's recipe, you must have at least 1 beverage in your inventory in order to be able to replicate the meal.

Note: You must have on hand a personal food replicator in order to make your meals. You can buy one anywhere items are bought and sold. 

Some items require an adequate rank level to purchase. Ammo and Actions Cards have a limited number of slots in your inventory. You can strategically use them in addition to your purchased ship modules depending on how the Cargo Bay is being managed (in some missions, these may be managed by the captain or cargo bay officer). 

Go into your inventory to play an action card, reload ammo, install a ship module, or consume meals and beverages. 

The office tab has several tools to assist your work including notes, stopwatch, email, calculator, data collection/graphing, and file storage.

Keep track of the mission's progress including XP earned and objectives completed.

Mission Objectives:
Write out and keep track of your personal and the crew's objectives

Crew Tasks:
You can create and complete crew tasks. These tasks can also be shared with other crewmembers or squads for collaborative work efforts

Generated by the flight director or your classroom teachers, follow the instructions, and complete the work. Some missions may not have teacher assignments.

You can create flashcard decks to learn mission terminology, system components, etc. These decks can be created by teachers, flight directors, yourself, or other crew members and can be shared with one another. 

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