Use the pages in this student resource center to learn and prepare for your missions.  There are several things you need to do in advance of arriving to the simlulator, begin by following these steps:

  • Set up your Class Craft character

  • Complete the Character Profile Form

  • Read the Mission Overview

  • Determine which crew member you will be

  • Look at where you sit on the bridge and your place in the chain of command

  • Do the pre-mission training activities in your crew member folder

  • Create or buy a costume to wear during the mission

  • Read the example Ship Communications page dialougue for your crew member and practice speaking like your character.  For example, instead of telling your mother will meet her for dinner tonight,  you could say something like "Commander, engineer officer hereby requesting permission to consume nutrients in your presence at 21:00 hours."

  • Read about the Cargo Runners' capabilities in the Character Manual and possibly make a table of their unique skills and cargo specialties to help you strategize during the mission

Note: Working with your classroom teacher, your class as a whole will decided on the method of how each person will be assigned to their duty position on the crew