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Standards-Based Curriculum

Spanish Conquistadors and the Aztec Civilization

Anatomy and physiology

Immune, circulatory, and lymphatic systems

Viruses and viral reproduction

Scientific method

Prolonged isolation and disease resistance

Acidity, temperature, and pressure

Cross-cultural understanding

Higher Order Thinking

How does prolonged isolation influence culture?

How do vastly different cultures interact when they collide?

What actions should be taken to maintain genetic diversity?

What is the future of nanomedicine?

What precautions should be implemented to protect against pandemics

Mission Preparation
  1. have read the mission overview page for the mission Pandemic and know the mission storyline, characters, and mission objectives as a quiz will occur when you arrive the first day

  2. bring a pair of earbuds or headphones if you have them. I have some cheapies you can borrow if not

  3. Construct your uniform, this component will comprise 10% of your grade and will be assessed each day of the mission.  Note this is 10% of your semester grade so it should be worthy of such value.  I am looking for evidence of your creative efforts. You don't need to buy a uniform, you need to be creative.  Think of this exercise as an Art project. You can read the rubric used to assess your construction on the curriculum map

  4. make sure you have logged into Class Craft and updated any power you have waiting to learn (green button)

  5. have read the rules for the game Hospital Challenge (no pre-game quiz)

  6. have watched the pre-mission training videos that pertain to your crew position if you are the navigator, doctor, captain- this page is at the bottom of the list in the student's section of the website

  7. read the curriculum map here

  8. read the rubrics and syllabus page here

  9. have read the rules for the game Pandemic and be able to answer these quiz questions on the first day of the mission prior to playing the game:

  10. How do you win the game?

  11. What are the 3 ways you can lose the game?

  12. How does an outbreak occur?

  13. What happens when an Epidemic Card is drawn?

  14. What are the 3 steps of a players turn?

  15. How do your cure a disease?

PANDEMIC BOARD GAME RULES- . click here to learn


Mission Introduction

An emergency has erupted at the worst possible time, and now the fate of two civilizations hangs in the 

balance!  For hundreds of years, the Aztlans and the Iberians have lived in the same solar system.  The 

Aztlans live on one planet, and the Iberians live on another.  They’ve known about each other’s existence, 

but they’ve never visited each other or even communicated for as long as anyone can remember.  The 

Iberians despise the Aztlans, and Aztlan children tell each other scary stories about the Iberians at night.  

Both sides fear and distrust each other, and it’s been that way for centuries.

However, after all this time things have finally started to change.  Bold thinkers on both sides have begun 

questioning what all the fear and distrust is about.  They feel that both sides have many great things they 

can learn from each other, if only they can look past their differences and put their suspicions behind them.

The Iberian and Aztlan leaders have recently decided to hold a round of diplomatic negotiations on a space 

station between both of their planets.  If things go well it could be the beginning of significant peace, 

learning, and trade.  Things were looking hopeful at first, but everything broke down when the Aztlan 

delegate fell seriously ill!


Doctors are baffled by the mysterious plague, and they have quarantined the delegate before the disease 

can spread.  Accusations of biological warfare have begun to fly, each side accusing the other of sabotaging 

the negotiations.  It's an illusive mystery, but one thing is certain:  if the delegate dies all hope of peaceful 

relations between the two civilizations will die with him.

Fearing the worst, the delegates have called upon the Infinity Knights—the renowned protectors of peace 

and justice throughout the universe—for assistance.  Using our advanced technology, we will shrink your 

ship to a microscopic size and insert it into the sick delegate’s body.  Your ship is equipped with a modified 

Stealth System, which will disguise your ship so the body’s immune system does not detect it; otherwise it 

would think your ship is a disease and try to destroy you.

Your mission is to search the Aztlan delegate’s body for the disease, develop a cure, and stop the plague 

before it can spread.  Very little is known about the disease, except that it appears to be a virus of some 

kind.  You must travel to various organs and take key scientific measurements.  The doctors and ship’s 

computer will help guide you, but only you can effectively find a cure.  In each organ, record the blood 

pressure, temperature, pulse, and other vital signs.  Look for clues that will help identify a cure, and do 

whatever you can to keep the disease from spreading.  You must keep the delegate alive!  Stop the virus at 

all costs!


But that's not all!  You must also unravel the mystery of where the disease came from.  If you don’t, the fear, 

suspicion, and distrust between the Aztlans and Iberians will destroy all hope of peaceful relations forever!


Mission Objectives

1. Conduct Officer Training exercises

2. Prepare for your mission by working in a hospital practicing diagnosing diseases

3. In the Deyo Prime star system located in the Beta Quadrant, find the 6 Dragon Balls hidden by the Dregogan Mauraders and create a Tartakian Tunnel, a micro-wormhole that will allow the Iberian and Azlatan civilizations make first contact back to their homeworld of origin called Vilo, located in the Gamma Quadrant

4. Intervene to save the Aztlan diplomat who has become ill and discover the cause of his illness by exploring the organs of his body.

5. Stop a Pandemic of diseases back on earth.


Main Characters

Dr. Jenner- is the Aztlan doctor who is baffled by the strange disease and grateful for the crew’s help. He suspects the Iberians of foul play, but has not  any concrete proof.


Corvis- head Iberian Delegate. Expresses dismay at the situation and  grateful for the crew’s help. Refutes the rumor that the Iberians had anything to do with the disease.


Amuzetnom- Aztlan lead delgate.  He has become very ill and if he dies it could lead to war!


Dregago Mauraders- Rough riders who have captured and hidden the Dragon Balls,  You will need to find them to make the Tartakian Tunnel. Beware though, the Dregago are pesky ones, they will try to interfere and keep you confused and your ship spinning


DEEEED- leader of the Dregago Mauraders.  Very cunning and swift. Can you  capture his special ship that can teleport quickly? What strategy will you use to outfox him?







Read the Curriclulm Map to see the full details for the mission activities, the standards being assessed and the rubrics being used to evaluate you


Asana Project Managment Software


The 21st CenturyLearning Standards rubrics can be read by clicking the button to the left.  Each mission will contain  many of the standards found here.  You should familiarize yourself with all of them and then read the curriculum map to pinpoint the specific ones being used in a particular mission. The main categories include:

Creativity and Innovation

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Communication and Collaboration

Information Literacy

Media Literacy

Information, Communications and Technology

Flexibility and Adaptability

Initiative and Self-Direction




example rubric:

Asana Project Managment Software


Uniform Project Rubric


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