Star Trek Discovery

The premier of the new Star Trek arrives September 24th on CBS All Access and Netflix...

Breakout Rooms come to the EIC

Mr. Lichtenwalter has the chance to participate in the Escape Island BreakOut Games escape room. With less than 2 minutes left we escape to live another day!! For the Lusitania mission, the crew will be divided into small teams to adventure toward the Bermuda Triangle inside a Minecraft scavenger hunt boat race on a remote Caribbean Island. Integrated with this digital adventure, there are clues to help you solve the analog puzzles linked to your breakout box. Solve the clues and unlock the locks to find an important clue leading you to activate the Bermuda Triangle time warp!

Snap Circuits

The engineers duties just got heavier as if that was even possible. We welcome the ship upgrade to the engineering department with Snap Circuit kits. Engineers can now construct various devices for the mission and run diagnostic tests for the ships electrical systems by measuring voltage, amps and resistance.

Prusa i3 MK2 3-D printing

This year's ship upgrades include the ability of the engineering team to 3-D manufacture replacement parts for the ship Artemis Charger when it becomes damaged, and other devices such as sensors for detection and surveillance.

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