Quintet- co-operative spaceship bridge game

Quintet is a five-player cooperative game that puts gamers on the bridge of a spaceship. Each player controls a different role - engineering, science, tactical, helm and the captain — to help the ship reach its objective. You can pair up with other teams in the game, and there are also solo and two-player ships available to players. The game is cross platform, meaning Mac, PC, web browser and iOS players can all enjoy the game together in the same room or online. The game is free as of now and can play across most all platforms. Practice your skills at home and in some future missions we may hold competitions among crew sub teams (each team can have their own ship). So for example, the engi

Succesion Mission Conclusion

The Succession mission came to a great conclusion this week with Mrs. Mendez 3rd grade class under the outstanding captain Barbara Filizzola. Barbara took charge of her crew and had them performing at a level of high efficiency- her crew vanquished a school record 26 opposing ships! Not only did she provide the command decisions, she also rolled up her sleeves and provided crew station assistance along side her officers. Her efforts brought her crew to great success in that on the last day they were within striking distance of the top score in all of the school. In the end they fell just short of the top score due to some engineering issues in MineCraft but the crew's overall success is s

Asana Project Management Software

One of the new features coming to the EIC missions in the Fall of 2016 is the crew's use of Asana project management software. You and your team will learn state of the art software used in many of the best companies in the world, including numerous Silicon Valley companies including Dropbox, Uber, Pinterest,Airbnb, New Relic, Change.org, Rdio, Addepar, Udacity, Disqus, Stripe, Counsyl, Emerald Therapeutics, Circa, Shyp, Hall, RelateIQ, Inflection.com, as well as Namaste.org and KiwiConnect.nz The software allows you to work as a team keeping your projects, tasks, chats, calendar and responsibilities organized in one dynamic work space. In the upcoming mission you will use the software to

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