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Starfleet Command is pleased to introduce PADD, a crew station enhancement application

Features included:

  • Food Management component whereby you will to need obtain rations and craft recipes to replicate meals that must be consumed to maintain your energy level

  • Trade: you will be able to use your galactic pesos to purchase ammo, action cards, ship modules, meal supplements and beverages.

  • Mission Objectives: keep track of your personal and crew mission objectives

  • Personal Office: here you will find a inbox, personal log entries, calculator, stopwatch, counter, notes, file storage, and communications(email and sms)

  • Cargo Bay: see an crew wide list of inventory on hand

  • Data Collection: ability to make bar and pie charts concerning your data collection

  • Mission Scorecard: keep track of your mission progress. Includes also the current status of your crew wide mission letter grade.

  • Crew Statistic: see at a glance the current energy levels of crew members, inventory slots available, allocation of expenditures, etc.

  • Crew Tasks: you now have the ability to create crew tasks for other crew members, as well, the flight director can create tasks for you to accomplish during the mission

  • Assignments: teachers can now create assignments for you that will appear inside the applications

  • Database: a mission related database is now on hand for you to access for research

  • Leaderboards: individual and crews

  • Missions database: read about and watch any available mission overviews prior to coming to a mission

  • Chat: 1:1 chats and crew wide chats

  • Ranking system: some items are unlocked for purchase when a certain rank level is achieved.

  • Stations Database: read about the various crew stations operations prior to coming to a mission

  • Flashcards: create flashcards to help you study content, can be created by you, your teachers, other crew members and shared with one another.

  • Periodic Tables: several different types of periodic tables on hand for your scientific needs.

Currently the application is in Beta testing and you can explore the app's features now. Once we are able to have missions in person again, you will then appreciate how the different components influence a mission. Hopefully, most all of the major bugs are resolved, but as is the nature of programming, there is always something to be debugged or improved, so feel free to also share your ideas of features you might like to see. To get started, first watch the app overview video here. Then, click the "login/create account button" or, go here: you will need to first go through the onboarding screen to set up your profile page. There, you will upload an avatar photo, and select your class section. You can then choose any squad color and crew station you want, and then select 'student'. Your profile photo can be done artistically, including even you in your uniform, but make sure your face is showing- don't be hidden behind a mask for example. If you want the app installed on your phone, scan the QR code or click here , then install the app as per this video


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