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Starfleet Tactical Training

Requiring strategic team strategy, lightning quick reflexes, and quick thinking, Hyper Dash VR is the new Starfleet tactical training center where you will hone your skills in preparation for those times when things get sticky during your galactic adventures!


  • Domination (Waterway and Quarry) maps have buttons A, B, and C, with team spawns near both A and C and the B button in the middle. Each team (red and blue) tries to hit and hold all three buttons for the full countdown (roughly 5 seconds) to win a point. If you are dead when the other team is holding all three buttons, you're locked out of respawning unless a teammate counters. First team to three points wins. If 25 minutes elapses before then, the team with more points wins. If it's tied after 25 minutes, there is a sudden death where only the B button is active and there are no respawns.

  • Payload (Canyon and Launchpad) maps have a cart. Blue team pushes the cart, which only moves when you're on it (and it moves faster if two or three people get on, more on this in the tips below). Red team tries to stop them. You have six minutes to get past the checkpoint in the middle, and if you do, you get another six minutes (on top of whatever time you had left before hitting checkpoint) to reach the end goal. The teams switch colors and the team that was just defending (red) pushes the cart (blue). Whoever gets it farther wins, and if the first team doesn’t reach the end the game sets up a "goal" for the second team to hit to win (based on where the first team was stopped). If both teams make it all the way to the end, it's a draw (but in Dash League, whichever team had more time left wins).

  • Control Point (Stadium) has a single button in the middle and the two teams fight to be the first to hold it for a cumulative total of 300 seconds (or 5 minutes).

  • Death Match (Metropolis) is every robot for themselves, first player to 50 kills is the winner.


  • TIP #1: Prioritize Dashes. There are four movement mechanics: Walking, sprinting (uses energy), dashing (uses energy), and rail grinding. The most important of those, as the name of the game suggests, is dashing. It’s a form of teleportation but way more nimble. Mastering the game requires learning to use your dashes to surprise and outmaneuver your enemies. And that also means learning to conserve them so you have them when you need them most. When you spawn you have just three dashes, denoted by three blue bars on your left wrist. Each time you dash you use up one of those bars, which then recharge. Here’s the key tip: There are blue dash pick-ups that will increase your total number of dashes to five until the next time you die. You always want to grab those. Going into a fire fight with just three dashes when your opponent has five is just asking to be a sitting (and dead) duck. Here’s another key dash tip: Every time you kill someone, it instantly refills one of your dashes. Use that to string kills/movement together.

  • TIP #2: Use Charge Shots. The default pistols you spawn with are some of the best weapons in the game. If you master those, you’ll be a force in Hyper Dash. To use them effectively, though, you have to learn to use charge shots. Specifically, holding down the triggers charges them up and releasing the trigger fires a large blue ball, which uses up 4 of your 16 rounds. The bullet will ricochet up to six times and is an instant kill if it you hit someone in the head. Two charge shots to the body is also an instant kill. And since you have two pistols, you can have both charged up and ready to release at your opponent the moment they come into view (and if you miss, you might still get them on the bounce, especially in tight corners). If needed, you can follow up with primary fire to finish them off. (If you ever want a master class on pistols, check out this video.)

  • TIP #3: Adjust Your Gun Angle (If You Need To). If you feel like aiming in game doesn’t feel natural to you, be sure to go into setting and adjust your vertical gun angle. The default is 31, but a lot of people adjust it, sometimes significantly (for example, I typically go with 13). Play around with it until it feels like your gun is pointing where you feel it should when you raise it to fire.

  • TIP #4: Remap Your Buttons (If You Want To). If you find any of the controls awkward or counterintuitive, there is complete button mapping in the settings (accessible from the main game lobby). Play around with it so dashing, sprinting, and reloading work well for you.

  • TIP #5: Join the Discord(s)! Hyper Dash has a well-developed, awesome, and non-toxic community, including a competitive league (called Dash League) in its second full season with 18 different teams. There are people who have been playing for over a year and they love to help new players learn the ropes. Most of them are on the official Discord, which is a great place to interact with the devs, ask questions, and get tips from more experienced players. There's also a Beginner/Intermediate Server for more advanced training. Then there's the Dash League server if you’re interested in playing competitively. There are even clans!


  • Dual Wielding: Having a gun in both hands can take some getting used to for a lot of people. But don’t rely on just your dominant hand. Two pistols together can do serious damage, and other weapon combos can give you a lot of flexibility and different play styles.

  • Headshots: Like in most games, headshots are much more deadly than body shots. Practice aiming for the head to come out on top in quick fire fights. A hit marker for the body is white, a hit marker for the head is red. When you kill someone with damage to their body, you’ll see a white skull. A kill by damage to the head shows a red skull. You can practice “headshots only” in the awesome Training Mode.

  • Manual Reload: Your guns will automatically reload once they’re out of bullets, but if you have a moment to breath and want a full reload before the next encounter, you can do so manually. Default button is the grip.

  • Payload Speed: The payload goes faster depending on how many people are on it. One blue player makes it start moving. Two blue players makes it move more than 10% faster than with just one. Three blue players makes it move more than 20% faster. The front of the cart shows one, two, or three bars to signify how many blue players are on it (and thus how fast it’s moving). A single red player on the cart stops all movement.

  • Muting/Reporting: The Hyper Dash community is one of the least toxic out there, but with the official launch, there will be some players who make the game less fun for everyone else. If someone is being loud or annoying, you can mute them by accessing the in-game menu (left Oculus button) and clicking the speaker symbol next to their name. If they're actually being toxic or otherwise engaging in unacceptable behavior, you can also report them by clicking their name and hitting "report." Helpful to also record some video of their behavior to share with the developers via Discord. Don't abuse reporting, but help keep the community a fun and great one!

  • Wrist UI: Your left wrist shows your health (green bar), dashes (blue bars), and game mode specific information. For payload, it shows the rough progression of the cart, including an indicator on whether it is stopped (downward triangle) or moving (forward triangle) and how fast (one, two, or three triangles). For domination, it shows A, B, and C and the color of the team controlling them. For control point it shows the live scores. For death match it shows your current rank and number of kills.

  • Overtime on Payload: If a blue player can get on or even just near the payload when time expires (before or after checkpoint) it triggers overtime, which shows up as an energy bar on the front of the cart. If there are no blue players on or near the cart, the energy bar will dwindle (over roughly 5 seconds) and the game will end. But if blue players can get back on or near the cart, the energy bar will instantly recharge and overtime is extended.

  • Holding the Button: In domination and control point, you can “hold” the button by keeping one of your hands in it, which prevents the other team from pressing it. This is a common tactic during a countdown to prevent a counter. If someone pulls this tactic on you, quickly shoot them in the head and hit the button!

  • Rocket Launcher: By default the rocket will fire in a straight line, but it’s actually a laser-guided missile. You can aim it by holding the trigger after firing, which creates a red dot/laser the rocket will attempt to head towards. So, for example, you can shoot a rocket into the air and then aim the laser at the front of the payload (the solid part, the laser goes through the clear shield) to get the rocket to rain down and clear the cart. If you practice, you can learn how to curve rockets over the payload shield, into rooms, and around corners. It’s pretty fun and can be very effective.

  • Shock Pistols: The purple shock pistols have a weird laser primary fire, but that's not their best use. If you hold down the triggers, they charge up and release large shock blasts that will explode on impact and do significant splash damage (like a rocket). Another fun weapon to master.

  • Slow Mo Fun: Another Training Mode mutator is “slo mo,” which is honestly one of the funnest things ever and makes me feel more like John Wick than anything else I’ve played in VR. In that mode, pushing sprint makes everything (except you) go in slow motion, so you can pull off incredible moves and precise headshots.


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